Cornac Scorpion [1.6.7] Normal 30R Arena AAR

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Cornac Scorpion [1.6.7] Normal 30R Arena AAR

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Played Scorpion as a Cornac on a 30-round Arena campaign, Normal difficulty, to test the class out. ... 4b2215e38b

It's pretty fun. Pull things in with Get Over Here and then beat them silly.

Interestingly enough, the class operates almost purely on Cunning for its talents, with Dexterity and Strength behaving as secondary and tertiary stats, though not necessarily in that order. You can probably get away with not using the one Class tree that requires Strength. Makes the class very easy to get a handle of in terms of upgrading.

It's pretty nice that it has a meaty amount of respen and a neat sustain removal skilil, though the former is linked to a skill that's on a 25T CD (it can be reset but requires a skill) while the latter can only clear out three Sustains at most-- probably not something you want to use on someone like Vor, though in a prolonged fight if it reaches the point where they start getting their Sustains back after the initial removal (off of Dissipation or Manaclash), you can at least repeatedly keep it off of them.

Whether your stat upgrades start as CUN > DEX or CUN > STR depends on whether or not you want to abuse You Can't See Me (I appreciate the John Cena reference by the way). If you don't want to use it and upgrade Strength at least up to a point, you still can't wear heavier than Heavy armor; however, that's unlike Brawler which is forced to use Leather and lower due to Trained Reactions being essentially mandatory. Heavy armor probably doesn't seem like much but Hardiness is Hardiness. Dex and light armor/robes is probably ultimately the superior option though.

I think Get Over Here's downtime might be too much for longer fights, which is why I tried using Eye of the Tiger. Not sure if I'd go for it again though, especially in an AoA campaign.

The class was made by Vectorinox and can be found in their Discordant class pack addon:

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