Accessing t-engine dev tools?

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Accessing t-engine dev tools?

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I don't know how to access/get/find the t-engine dev tools. I really feel like I must be blind. I've searched the web for answers -- nothing. I don't see it on the website.
I have tome via steam, but that only loads the game and not the tools (as far as I can see.)
What am I missing? I apologize if this is an incredibly stupid question, but I really am stumped. I'll probably slap my forehead when the answer is pointed out.

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Re: Accessing t-engine dev tools?

#2 Post by HousePet »

AFAIK the dev tools is just a menu that can be opened when you have a character loaded.
You first need to enable Developer mode via the main menu. You should then be able to find a keyboard shortcut to open the menu. I think the default is Alt+A? (Actually not sure about that. I think I changed my ages ago.)
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