T-engine4 Tutorials?

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T-engine4 Tutorials?

#1 Post by LavenderBirch »

Hey all,
Sorry if this is a frequent question - I looked in the sidebar and searched the forum and didn't find anything.
I'm interested in having a bash at trying to create a te4 module. I'm not much of a programmer but I do have some level of familiarity with lua and it seems like a fun project. However, there appears to be little documentation on darkgod's site and trawling the internet has turned up very little in the way of the "here's how to get started, dummy" type information which would help me most. Does such a resource exist anywhere at present? If it doesn't, would anyone here be willing to walk me through the first 4-5 simple things to do in order to get going? I think that's all I really need.
Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

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Re: T-engine4 Tutorials?

#2 Post by Moasseman »

I dunno about any resources but have you looked at the 2 example modules that come with ToME?

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Re: T-engine4 Tutorials?

#3 Post by Zizzo »

It's been a while, but I probably started from the Development section of the TE4 wiki. The stuff under both "Modules" and "Addons" will probably be of use.
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