Granting player's move speed bonus to necro minions

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Granting player's move speed bonus to necro minions

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Actually, this would be a great quality-of-life improvement for any summoning class, but for necros in particular it seems important.

Currently, when you play as a necromancer, getting any kind of move speed bonus basically makes your minions almost worthless. They last for one fight, after which point you outrun them and they decay because they're outside of your aura.

This happens even if you max out the aura mastery skill, since its +5 range bonus makes no difference at all when running from one room to another or using auto-explore. A simple fix would be to give aura mastery "You grant 20% (per talent) of your movement speed to minions," since at least then there would be an opportunity cost to granting them the (fairly minor) buff. Maybe also something about global speed acting as a move speed increase as well?

Having to treat move(/global) speed as negative, "cursed" stats is really, really not fun.

I also had a similar problem on my alchemist wins, particularly since that class gets a +movespeed sustain. The golem didn't die, but by lategame it would spend around 1/2 - 2/3 of every fight just catching up. I assume that all summoning classes suffer from this problem to some extent or another.

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Re: Granting player's move speed bonus to necro minions

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this should be in the ToME 4 forums, not the T-Engine 4 subforums
the T-Engine 4 forums are for discussion based upon the game engine that the game runs on
the ToME forums are for Tales of Maj'Eyal

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