Full talent reset in explorable mode?

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Full talent reset in explorable mode?

#1 Post by DirkaSnivels »

I'd really like the opportunity to fully reset my talents / stats in explorable mode for the next game. I doubt I'm alone in using explorable mode to see what works well and what doesn't. Re-rolling the same race / class over and over to try different talent combinations is monotonous. With a job, school or both, spending dozens of hours class testing feels very draining when we just want to jump into the game and try a new combination of stats and talents quickly.

Besides the reasons listed above, another reason this should be implemented is because explorable mode is already quite casual. Making it more casual in this way won't ruin the game by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it would encourage players to try harder difficulties because when they want to try something new, they can hop on their explorable character and see how it holds up. Not just that, but some classes become very fun in later levels than at the beginning, or visa-versa. On rogue-like, it may take us hours to figure this out due to difficulty. Worst case scenario, you'll learn a little too late that what you're running is utterly terrible.

But, DirkaSnivels, getting dominated is all part of learning.

Dying in rogue-like doesn't teach you all that much because half the time you're left wondering "wut...?". The only way to truly learn in my experience (excluding player-made class guides and the like) is having the opportunity to test talents. Explorable mode should be that testing ground. That way when you die in rogue-like it's because you weren't careful or got screwed over, and not because you chose talents that just don't work well in the majority of fights.

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Re: Full talent reset in explorable mode?

#2 Post by darkgod »

Funny you mention that, I've actually implemented it a week or so ago :)
It'll be available in 1.3 :)
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