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I really enjoy ToME but I'm sometimes too tired to take the time to read completly thes texts because they are not in my maternal language.

I think that people would more enjoy the game if it was in their language.
So could you implement some tools to make this alive ?

I'm sure that with a simple mecanism, a lot of contributor could translate the game in a lot of languages.

I already worked on such thing in Lua :
You can see a modified version of Babel to be runned out of LÖVE : ... /babel.lua

And here a simple translation file : ... fre-FR.lua

Could we use such thing in Tales of Maj'Eyal or directly in t-engine ?

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Re: Internationalisation

#2 Post by PureQuestion »

You can do it using addons. Some addons for this already exist - I know there's a chinese language addon already available.

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