Feature request: Screen shaking

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Feature request: Screen shaking

#1 Post by Grey »

Would be nice to have a T-Engine command to give the whole screen a bit of a wobble, for dramatic effect purposes. This could be of use in ToME for events like the meteor fall.
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Re: Feature request: Screen shaking

#2 Post by darkgod »

You can do it easily, check out tome's Game.lua for full_fbo

At the end of :display() it displays the full fbo at 0, 0
simply have some way of altering that and you're set :)
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Re: Feature request: Screen shaking

#3 Post by chezzo »

Awesome! I am so going to use this. I'll letcha all know how it turns out.

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Re: Feature request: Screen shaking

#4 Post by Suslik »

Cool idea, I support this. Would love to see screen shaking on extremely powerful spells like meteor crash or critical catalepsy even if it would happen quite often.

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