Remove locked Combat Training from Alchemists

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Remove locked Combat Training from Alchemists

#1 Post by Grey »

Alchemists start with the Combat Training tree locked. It's a bit of a newbie trap this, since for a small amount of gold you can get it unlocked, or you can waste a valuable category point. There shouldn't even be the option for the latter, so it should be removed from them. - My own T-Engine games!
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Re: Remove locked Combat Training from Alchemists

#2 Post by Rectifier »

I don't know why a casting class that relies on something that tanks *for* them has this tree whose only use would be putting points into thick skin.

That actually gives me another idea. Every class can benefit from Thick Skin (and to a certain degree Armor Training 1), yet typically only combat-oriented classes benefit from everything else.

What if we separated this talent from the Combat Training tree and made it part of a "global tree" that every class has access to?
A. It still takes stat point investment into Con to use.
B. Everyone who lacks the tree can buy it from Last Hope anyways, the change would not affect game balance.
C. Grants the opportunity to create other "global" talents that any class can use.
A. Takes time to make the change.
B. Low on the priority list/ignored in general.

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Re: Remove locked Combat Training from Alchemists

#3 Post by Varil »

Huh. That makes sense, actually. Thick Skin + Armor Survival + some sort of dual trap find/trap disarm(doesn't really need to be two talents anyway...having the first is only useful if you have the second, and vice-versa) + something? Those are the only skills I can think where everyone wants at least a *little* bit of training in them, and they all fit the theme of "Survival", even if they're weird in that one is strength-based, one is con-based, and another is cunning-based. Not sure about evasion. It's useful, but it's not nearly as general as the other skills. Maybe leave heightened senses and move evasion to the combat training tree?

I think that'd work okay. Most classes don't really need evasion, but if they had points to spare I could see melee fighters that have at least a moderate dexterity score using it.

How about :

General/Survival :
-Thick Skin
-Armor Training
-Heightened Senses
-Trap Handling

General/Combat Training :
-Weapon Mastery
-Knife Mastery
-Exotic Weapon Mastery<LOCKED>
-Combat Accuracy

At risk of over-burdening the Survival tree, I could see Evasion being moved there too, but nevermind. I was just picking out skills that 'everyone' would use(for certain values of everyone), as opposed to skills that only melee combatants are really interested in. Even with my dex-based characters, Evasion is low on the talent-point totem pole. Spending a turn for ~50% evade rate is usually more time than I'm willing to spend not being either directly on the offense or escaping, but I'm pretty terrible at playing Rogues/Rogue-likes(ha-ha!), so that may just because I haven't gotten far enough to make Evasion really useful.

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