Have insidious poison reduce equilibrium a bit.

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Have insidious poison reduce equilibrium a bit.

#1 Post by Aquillion »

There's runes for mana, but no other way to recover any other resource via inscriptions.

Offensive runes are underpowered. And, thematically, it might be nice to draw a bit more of a connection between infusions and nature.

So, I think you should reduce your equilibrium slightly when using insiduous poison. Not by a huge amount -- almost a symbolic amount would be enough. It'd just make it a bit more interesting, thematically, if it were appealing to equilibrium-users like that.

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Re: Have insidious poison reduce equilibrium a bit.

#2 Post by Zonk »

I do agree that equilibrium recovery/Meditation could use some tweaks, but from what I remember DarkGod said that mana(and life)being the only resources recoverable through runes/infusions is intentional.

Also, this is in the wrong forum, should be in Tome 4/Ideas, doesn't have much to do with the engine itself.
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