Can I have one map simulated when player is in other?

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Can I have one map simulated when player is in other?

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Hey, I'm long time ToME4 player, first time looking into developing game on TE4 Engine.
I'm programmer in my day job and doing other projects in lua, but never used TE4 Engine before.

While I am busy looking through Getting Started guide, example module and probably will try to look at campaign l later I want to ask my general question here.

Can I still have one map to be simulated (as I would be there) when my character is in the other?

I want to have main gameplay on one big static map (similar to forest dungeons in Trollmire) but sometimes player will need to go on dungeon. Because most of the interesting stuff comes from simulations on surface main map, and premise is that game world isn't tailored around player, I want to have main map still going as if player is around. Similar to Din's Curse game premise.

Can I have that?

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