Nested :talentDialog()s?

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Nested :talentDialog()s?

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So, say you have a blocking dialog launched via ActorTalents:talentDialog(). From this dialog, you need to bring up another subdialog and block waiting for a response from it. (In my case, these are, respectively, the Alchemy artifact creation dialog and a subdialog to choose which ingredients to use for various artifact flags.)

Just calling :talentDialog() again obviously doesn't work (well, it's obvious now that I've tried it and it broke badly… :oops: ). The second most obvious approach is to mimic the coroutine juggling done by :talentDialog() itself:

Code: Select all

function _M:nestedTalentDialog(d)
  local co = coroutine.create(function()
    print('[DEBUG] entering nestedTalentDialog coroutine')
    local ret =
    print(('[DEBUG] nestedTalentDialog coroutine returning %s'):format(tostring(ret)))
    return ret
  local ok, ret = coroutine.resume(co)
  print(('[DEBUG] nestedTalentDialog returned %s, %s'):format(tostring(ok), tostring(err)))
  if not ok then
    if ret then error(ret) end
    return nil
  return ret
This, unfortunately, doesn't work; the coroutine.resume() returns immediately, which isn't the intended effect. So apparently either I've got the coroutine juggling wrong (I hope) or what I'm trying to do isn't possible (which would be bad).

I'm hoping someone more familiar with Lua coroutines than I am can see what I'm doing wrong here. Any ideas? I'm really not sure how I can rearchitect this if this can't be done…
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