800x600 can't close inventory

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800x600 can't close inventory

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When playing at 800x600 resolution the size of the inventory box goes past the screen borders. This makes closing the inventory with the mouse impossible. Normally this would be a non issue, since the Esc key can close dialogs, or just play at 1024 or above. I've been trying this on my tablet though, and thus no keyboard is available and at 1024+ it's very hard to select menu options due to the tiny font used. Especially in the context menus.

Aside from that the game is remarkably well suited to the the win 8.1 touch interface. Much better than any other desktop game I've tried. Mostly due to not requiring incessant rapid right clicking (which is something you find in a lot more games than you might think) and to having full mouse control (also a rarity).

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