1.7.4 Brawler Swift Hands + Spellhunt interaction

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1.7.4 Brawler Swift Hands + Spellhunt interaction

#1 Post by Tryble »

Permanent loss of attack speed as if wearing an 'extra' heavy gauntlets item (this issue might affect Brawler only - I only tested with that class) when using Spellhunt's ability from a Swift Hands slot to crush an arcane item. Additionally, melee hits carry Spellhunt's on-hit effects of delivering Manaclash/Antimagic Zone in addition to whatever other on-hit effects the Brawler may have equipped normally; it's as if the character is actually wearing Spellhunts on top of any other gloves they may be using.

Expected Behavior
When using Spellhunts from a swift hands slot to crush an item or wreck magic users, the item doesn't do anything beyond those effects.

Steps to Reproduce
  • I created a new brawler, spawn in Spellhunt Remnants & enough arcane items to smush to bring them to tier 5.
  • Equip any normal pair of gloves or gauntlets.
  • Level the brawler to 25 to learn Swift Hands.
  • Use the 'Manage swift hands' talent to put Spellhunts into a ready slot.
  • Use the spellhunts from Swift Hands to crush the arcane items. Note: Using Spellhunts from Swift Hands just once is enough to demonstrate the 'phantom equip' issue, but repeating until they're T5 demonstrates it a little better in the next steps.
  • Spellhunts can be removed from Swift Hands at this point, it doesn't appear to matter. They can even be dropped from the inventory entirely.
  • Observe the character's speed - if wearing light gloves which should grant 125% attack speed, you will see 100% instead. If wearing heavy gauntlets which should grant 100%, you will observe 83% instead.
  • If Spellhunts were brought to T5, attack any target a few times to observe that your unarmed attacks are hitting with Manaclash and Antimagic Zone despite not having Spellhunts equipped, in Swift Hands, or even in your inventory. Any on-hit effects from your gloves also fire normally. Spellhunts can be 'cast' even while unequipped in the inventory.
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Re: 1.7.4 Brawler Swift Hands + Spellhunt interaction

#2 Post by ScienceBall »

It is not intended that you can use Spellhunt Remnants with Swift Hands. See the following bug report for details: viewtopic.php?f=70&t=53405

For future reference, you posted this in the T-Engine 4 Bugs subforum. I think this isn't an engine bug, and so it should have gone in the ToME 4 Bugs subforum (viewforum.php?f=70) instead.

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