[1.6.5] Light of Revelation + summons

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[1.6.5] Light of Revelation + summons

#1 Post by Dervic »

Light of revelation is turning my summons into horrors, but they don't leave the party list, and stay there after you kill them. Now I have a party full of dead horrors :(, not a critical bug, just annoying.

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Re: [1.6.5] Light of Revelation + summons

#2 Post by ramonkahn »

Actually, especially if you have Light of Relevation, summons, and fight a clone of yourself (for example, infinite Dungeon quest, or Shadow Crypt).

Your clone will turn your summons into horrors -> "infinite" XP, as long as you can keep creating new summons and don't kill your clone. Although I suspect, at some point the game might crash.
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