[1.6.4] Character deemed dead in the character vault.

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[1.6.4] Character deemed dead in the character vault.

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So my latest character shows as dead on level 45 in the vault. While I did die there, I still had 2 lives left (and blood of life), as even can be seen in the charsheet. I continued the game normally, and even won with that character, but none of that is recorded since the server assumed somehow that I died permanently then.

In retrospect I should have saved a dump of my character after winning, but while I'm kinda sad about the non-recorded win (my second one, first one was with a character I started offline, so it was never registered), I just want someone to look into this since it's potentially a big problem.

People I spoke on the in-game chat then even remarked that when hovering over my name I showed as lvl 50, while the character link went to the apparently already lvl 45 character.

Same thing happened to this character.
Here is this character as it is now ingame: Image

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Re: [1.6.4] Character deemed dead in the character vault.

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Has anyone else had this issue?

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