Possessor Ghoul Major Character Bug

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Possessor Ghoul Major Character Bug

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While on a very good Possessor Run in Nightmare Roguelike, after defeating the Plumpkin, I ran into a Zigur Patrol. Having just leveled up, I had more body storage, so I went to possess one. On doing so, I got a bug report and I sent it, not sure what had happened. However, after the fight I transformed into the Antimagic Halfling, and left the area.
I then went into the bearscape.
Upon entering, I found that not only could I not depossess the antimagic body but I also was unable to use runes or anyting of the like, thanks to the Halfing being Antimagic. Opening task manager I found that if my body died I died, even though I was possessing something. I ended up dying trying to fix it, and here is the character report.

https://te4.org/characters/202558/tome/ ... 7c3f5eebe5

The game, from what I can tell, made me antimagic upon possessing the body and bugged the entire character. Since I was a Ghoul, an undead, this majorly contributed to it. I did send a bug report, but I can't find it personally, though it's probably in with everything that you've been sent.

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