Game is stuck infinitely saving past 100%

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Game is stuck infinitely saving past 100%

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Hello! So here is the issue.

I start up a save game, I make my character, I finish the skills and the moment I exit out of the little backstory blurb my game starts saving in a yellow bar in the top left. It hits 100 and keeps going and going, stretching across the screen and reaching up to like 7000% and beyond if I let it. And when I exit the game or try to manually save, the save bar appears in the center of the screen, hits 100%, and stops so I need to actually use Task Manager to close the game. This happens on both the free version I download from the website as well as my purchased version on steam.

To save you a little trouble, I don't have a firewall that could be stopping it, no addons that do not come with the game, I already confirmed the save folder was not 'read only', and I disabled steam cloud saves. Restarting doesn't help, deleting the game and reinstalling doesn't help, telling steam to check integrity does not help. This happens for every character I start, and I can't load a game for obvious reasons.

If it helps at all I am running windows 10?

So I have bought game and cannot play it unless I never close it right now. The game itself works fine but it will not save.

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