[b25]Player trapped by Lost Merchant after rescue

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[b25]Player trapped by Lost Merchant after rescue

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Defect Summary

Possible to be trapped by Lost Merchant after successfully rescuing him.

Steps to replicate
1. Trigger the Trapped! Quest event.
2. Kill the Assassin Lord first, and observe where the exit spawns.
3. Manipulate Lost Merchant so that he's standing over the exit -- primarily by luring his target into a square adjacent to the exit.
4. Kill all other hostiles without letting Lost Merchant move from his position.
5. Observe the message that pops up once all hostiles are neutralized.

Expected Results
The player can push the Lost Merchant aside by moving into his spot, and exit the level.

Observed Results
The Lost Merchant cannot be moved. The player is potentially trapped. Possible workarounds include using the Rod of Recall or killing the Merchant. In my case, I was able to use my level up points from killing the Assassin Lord to give my Fighter the Repulsion talent to move him off the square.

Steps 3 and 4 above are obviously contrived situations. In my actual game, this occurred without me noticing it until it was too late. Thank goodness for Repulsion, though on hindsight maybe I could've used the Rod of Recall. Then again, using the Rod would mean missing out on all the loot the Assassin Lord dropped.

Is it possible to assign to the Lost Merchant an AI like Norgan's after the level is clear? That way, he will move around following the player, and no longer be blocking the level exit.

-- The Haen.

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