shadow simularcum bugs

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shadow simularcum bugs

#1 Post by Shoob »


well, as you can see, I managed to get 3 stairs up on the ambush :P

there are more bugs with this too, but I believe I told them to you on chat.

a) make on top and undamageable (you saw this in the code, so you know where this is) (just putting it here for reference)
b) life is not timed.
c) if used on a boss that drops something, nothing drops (idk about this one, I tried on OMW and nothing dropped.)
d) if used on a boss that is a quest, when your copy dies, the quest is counted as complete.
e) if used on a boss like uruk, the stairs can be multiplied if the one you summon dies.

the last two are definitely related, that is, the clone should not count as the boss when it dies.
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Re: shadow simularcum bugs

#2 Post by darkgod »

Fixed :)
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