Misc Wilder issues

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Re: Misc Wilder issues

#1 Post by darkgod »

Thanks for this report!

Minotaur: I cannot find a cause for it, when you see it again please send me the log.

Targetting issues should now be fixed :)

Hydra breath is fixed too.

Time passing too fast for your "body" when controlling a pet is fixed.

Wing buffet will need a more generic fix though.

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Re: Misc Wilder issues

#2 Post by Canderel »

This may or may not be related...

When I was trying out rogues, I felt I needed a bit more umph at the start, so I edited the rogue file so that they start with 2 steel daggers instead of iron ones... Sometimes I would start with 0 daggers, sometimes with 2, but usually with 1.

In that case it was trying to generate a steel dagger for me, but just couldn't always get it. So it's somewhere in the filters or whatever gets generated that fails it. I think... :roll:

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