Forbidden Tomes

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Forbidden Tomes

#1 Post by pocas2 »

I thought it would be nice to list the tomes since there's no data on the wiki.
I found a few :

Tier 2
* "A View From The Gallery"
Play a different NPC. You have to look for 30 food that drop from rats and rabbits while avoiding 2 tentacles monster faction fighting each other. Dying in this book doesn't kill your character and you can try again. Reward : choose between a few passive including 10% mov speed

Tier 3
* "The Illusory Castle"
A 3 way dungeon. You have to step on 2 books at the end of the side ways to open the last room in the middle. you take a stackable debuff every time you enter a new room (minus mind resist, confusion resist. +0.5 insanity per turn). Reward : 3 uniques(can be a random unique)
* "The Day It Came"
A basic lesson on Cultist of Entropy spells. Reward : choose between 4 passives (3% spell crit, 10 spell save, 5 magic, 5 will). It also unlocks the Cultist of Entropy class the first time.

Tier 4
* "Of Knowledge And Terror"
read post below

Feel free to add what you find, i'll update it
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Re: Forbidden Tomes

#2 Post by Arcvasti »

Tier 4: Of Knowledge and Horrors:

Three zone area that's kind of like heart of the gloom in layout. Filled with horrors and knowledge fonts. The knowledge fonts give you stat/class/generic/prodigy points randomly. The third level has It Which Writes, which is a somewhat unique boss. It starts out invulnerable, but there are three book pedestal things scattered throughout the map that you can activate to turn it vulnerable. Once you've activated all those and killed It Which Writes, your reward is another Forbidden Tome. This book has to be done in one go, it will crumble when you leave it for the real world.

Tier 5: Home, Horrific Home:

The reward for completing Of Knowledge and Horrors. It's basically a baby Temporal Reprieve. You can read this book even while in combat, but it takes ~5 turns to enter it fully. Once you've entered it, you end up on an empty floaty island. There are various torture implements scattered around the island, which you can use to torture yourself. Torturing yourself does some percentage of your current health and refills your vim. It might work for other resources that don't regenerate naturally too? You might also be able to store items here safely, but I didn't think to test that.

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Re: Forbidden Tomes

#3 Post by Leom405 »

Pls tell me where i can find this dungeons? Whats lvl inside?
DLC+, main compain isn't finished

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Re: Forbidden Tomes

#4 Post by breadsmith »

Home, Horrific Home does seem to act like a vault. I went there, dropped off a unique tool, then left. Then I changed locations fully, went back into the book and the item was still there.

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