Cath's BFG - part 2 bis : EoR zone order

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Cath's BFG - part 2 bis : EoR zone order

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I copy-pasted this several times on tomechat or discord so it's time to have a forum post to link.

Behold, the final EoR zone order !

As well as THE MAP:tm:

(Orc start if orc) > yeti caves > Vaporous emporium > buy at kraltor shop > sunwall > buy at kraltor again > dominion port

That's the easy part, then difficulty spikes up fast.

You can do krimbul / ritch / observatory / eruan but everything is hard. I advise doing a little of each, trying another zone when you encounter an enemy too hard for you.
Notably ritch 1, eruan 1, and krimbul 1 can't have rares so do those first. Ruined dungeon will be at a random spawn point and can be done around the same time. It has huge variance though, so beware.

After that there shouldn't be much problems anymore.

Internment camp > gates of morning > buy at Kaltor > mechanical mole > primal forest > ureslak's host > steam quarry > final Kaltor refresh, buy then kill and loot > palace of fumes.

I usually kill Kaltor after Gates because gear after Gates is better than gear after Quarry. But waiting leads to more chance to see a specific fixed art.
You can throw in the eidolon dungeon after primal, but it's kinda hard and you should be full gear already, pretty much.

More detailed infos maybe, at some point, about the specificities of each zones, sooner if they are requested :p
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Re: Cath's BFG - part 2 bis : EoR zone order

#2 Post by Mikael22 »

Thanks, I wanted to play EoR but didn't want to have to think too much or do trial and error.

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