Achievements - full (?) list and directions

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Achievements - full (?) list and directions

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I’m kind of a sucker for completionism, so I’m trying to get all of the achievements.

Here are my notes for all of them - still need help with Never Look Back and There Again and Myths of an Age Past if anyone has any insight. Also can’t remember where I got some of the lore in the main AoA campaign.

1. The Arena - complete the quest given by the man that calls out to you at the north end of Derth. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
2. Arena Battler 20 - play either arena mode. (Arena, no class/race restriction)
3. Arena Battler 50 - play the long mode. (Arena, no class/race restriction)
4. Almost Master of Arena - play the short arena mode. (Arena, no class/race restriction)
5. Master of Arena - play the long arena mode.(Arena, no class/race restriction)
6. XXX the Destroyer - increase score multiplier by chaining kills. Necromancer’s Chill of the Tomb can be used for large numbers at once.(Arena, no class/race restriction)
7. Grand Master - again, chain kills for score multiplier.(Arena, no class/race restriction)
8. Ten at one blow - again, Chill of the Tomb is a good way to kill a lot of enemies at once.(Arena, no class/race restriction)

Infinite Dungeon - all of these are self explanatory and can be done with any class or race.

Level and Life -
1. Level 10-50 - easy, not possible in Arena because of the shorter format. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
2. Unstoppable - activate the blood of life, ring of the dead, Lichform, Cauterize, etc... Easy to do as a Necromancer/Lich in the EoR campaign. (Any, no class/race restriction)
3. Utterly Destroyed - the Eidolon plane is a rare event when traveling through the farportal. Take off all gear except weapon and beat yourself to death. Easy on exploration/adventure as it’s an option on talking to the Eidolon. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
4. Fool of a Took! - Easy. As a Halfling, attack self, attack command, hit 5 to self target. (Any except EoR, no class restriction, halfling only)
5. Emancipation - As an alchemist (or adventurer), die before your golem does and kill a boss. May require some self damage or stripping naked and controlling golem as golems have taunt abilities. (Any, no race restriction, Alchemist/Adventurer only)
6. Take you with me - Kill a boss while dead. Completing emancipation above will also give this one. (Any, no class/race restriction)
7. Look at me, I’m playing a roguelike! - Control another entity and link yourself in chat. As Alchemist, take direct control of your golem, right click on your character, select link in chat. (Any, technically no class/race restriction but easiest on Alchemist, Writhing One, Summoner, Paradox Mage or as a Yeek as they have inherent talents that control something else)
8. Fear me not! - survive the Fearscape - the Grand Corruptor uses this if you get close, surviving is easy with a good antimagic shield, use of a sustain removal to take off his sustained effect, or just wait until level 50 and do it overleveled. Random bosses and uniques may also have the ability, but it’s very rare. (Any, no class/race restriction)
9. Best Album Ever! - use disintegration 89 times to remove sustains. (Any campaign, any race, Paradox Mage or Adventurer)

Item -
1. Deus Ex Machina - find all five items - very random, have to be very thorough, also make sure to check shops for inscriptions. Primal infusion and rune of reflection can be obtained through the vault or at random. Rune of the rift is guaranteed from Daikara time side zone. Blood of life is not infrequently found from T1 bosses. Infusion of wild growth is from hermit if the last elixir you complete is from him and he “wins” the contest. This is easy to force if you only complete his recipes. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
2. The three gold achievements are obvious. As long as you don’t spend money after going east you should get all three easily. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)

Kill or damage -

1. That was close - Defeat an enemy at 1 life or lower. Necromancer has a level 1 talent that allows negative life. Find an easy enemy at level 1, let them beat you down to negative, kill them. (Any, no class/race restriction)
2. Overpowered - The lower tier achievements are easily obtained by most level 50 characters, 6,000 is more of a challenge. A level 50 Gunslinger using Startling Shot and the Vital Shot prodigy are an easy way to get this. The counterstrike from a shield block and a head strike from a helmet with that ability on a high strength character is also reliable. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction but improbable on classes like Summoner that don’t do much damage themselves)
3. Exterminator, pest control, reaver - just play the game, they’ll come eventually.(Any, no class/race restriction)
4. Huge Appetite - as Wyrmic, use the Devour talent to land the finishing blow on 20 bosses or uniques. Easily combined with one of the late rod of recall drop challenges. All have to be on same character, so will probably be a very specific challenge run.(Any except Arena, no race restriction but must be Wyrmic or Adventurer)
5. Headbanger - either use the Marauder’s innate version or just find a helm with the ability (maybe send over in vault) and do same process as Big Appetite, though doing so on the same run would require using these gimmick kills on the later bosses.(Any except Arena, no class/race restriction but doing so on a character without high Strength would be needlessly challenging)
6. Well trained - unlock the training room (fortress in AoA or after killing Kaltor in EoR) set out a dummy, be patient and do a million damage. Holding down a key on the keyboard for bump attacks with an object and walking away is an option if this is too tedious.(AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)

AoA campaign -

1. The sky is falling! - random event, seems most common in old forest.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
2. Demonic invasion - portal is a random event, you have to go in the portal and close it rather than destroying it immediately to get the achievement. Usually encountered at the Orc prides, but not very frequently. Maybe one in three runs will have either this or the naga portal.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
3. Invasion from the depths - same as demonic. Area is underwater and no exit until complete, so be prepared with a water breathing item, air recycler, or enough clear speed that the bubbles suffice.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
4. Restless Dead - randomly appears as a cluster of graves, typically in old forest. Fight off undead that spawn quickly but one at a time until complete. Can be quite difficult at low level but is trivial at high levels.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
5. The Rat Lich - randomly appears as a ladder down to a side area. Can be found in old forest, high peak. Optional boss, can be very hard at low level.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
6. Shasshhiy’Kaish - randomly appears as a group of cultists surrounding monoliths, can be found in Daikara, Reknor, Spellblaze, and others. To get “at full power” for the achievement, kill only one cultist - killing others weakens the demon. Needed for other achievements as well. At low levels this can be a dangerous fight, later on it’s a joke.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
7. Bringer of Doom - appears randomly as a group of three pillars - Dreadfell, Conclave Vault, High Peak. Each one summons a random “unique” tier humanoid enemy, after the third dies a bringer of doom (“unique” tier demon) appears. Kill it for the achievement. Again, easy if found at high level.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
8. A living one! - random event from farportal.(AoA, no class/race restriction except maybe Dwarf/Drem?)
9. In the company of slimes (and previous) - Sludgenest appears randomly, guaranteed for Thalore. Use a character with a high sustained damage output and good movement skills, stay to one corner of the map at level 50, killing enemies as fast as they spawn or you’ll be overwhelmed.(AoA, no class/race restriction but easiest on Thalore)
10. Bad driver - surprisingly difficult as all nine have to be killed by enemies and they sometimes start right next to the portal. If desperate, use Conveyance’s Teleport skill (at 4+) to teleport them away from the portal.(AoA, no class/race restriction but Arcane Blade/Necromancer/Archmage/Adventurer recommended)
11. Guiding hand - requires a lot of dumb luck. Playing Archmage where you can stone wall the escorts and time lock them makes it a lot easier to keep them alive. There are mods that make the escorts easier, but that’s not really an achievement.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
12. Backstabbing traitor - easy, just kill the escorts yourself. You have nine opportunities for 6 kills.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
13. Earth Master - random spawn in Daikara, Urkis area, prides, high peak. Starts as four pieces, kill all and then combined for the achievement.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
14. Kill Bill! - As adventurer, get golem, damage effects that bypass golem, and movement. Damage Prox until he drops the note (don’t kill him), grab the note to go to Bill’s area. When fighting Bill, dig a diagonal path to him where you can only see him and your golem. Pummel him with spells from behind the golem.(AoA, nominally no class/race restriction but very difficult on many classes)
15. Atamathoned! - place the eye your receive from the backup guardian at sandworm lair (kill queen, go east, come back) in the golem at the golem graveyard. Be sure to remove his reflective skin before damaging him - both methods of defeating Urkis grant a way to remove magic sustains, as do spellhunt remnant gauntlets and a fair number of class skills.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
16. Are you out.../I cleared the room of death... - make sure to open the door from the bottom and immediately run after opening it back to one of the side rooms of the previous area. Lure the wyrms out one at a time unless suicidal.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
17. I’m a cool hero - before level 14, dig out the forest near the entrance to Derth. Move all the townspeople to the area you dig out, making sure none are visible from the town itself (i.e. the east side of the river). Archmage and similar can phase door people some, otherwise you’ll have to swap places with them by walking into them which is really tedious.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
18. Kickin’ it old school - don’t kill any bosses before Urkis so that he drops the rod of recall. Best not to go into the last area of the first two T1’s you visit so that you don’t screw up escorts, be very careful about randbosses from loot containers, cannot do alt sandworm, alt maze, lumberjacks, or temporal disturbance, can’t do demon birth option as it has mandatory boss, can do fortress as beast is a unique, not a boss, will likely have to go to Dreadfell for lack of xp options as fighting Urkis at 14 is inadvisable. (AoA, no class/race restriction but classes like Arcane Blade or Possessor that are weak in the early game are not a good idea)
19. Leave the big... - same as above, but the Master.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
20. You know who’s to blame - same as above, but the grand corruptor.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
21. You know... (reprise) - as above, but as a character with magic talents, fight grand corruptor and accept his offer, Myssil will drop rod.(AoA, have to have spell talents so Oozemancer and Krog cannot do it and many classes will have to do very specific things with escort trees to get enough spell talents).
22. Now, this is impressive - kill Linaniil in Angolwen. She self-resurrects multiple times, does massive damage, and is basically invulnerable with her disruption shield up. Massive fire resist, stun immunity, and a way to remove sustains are all nearly mandatory. Can be hard to start the fight as you have to damage her and she immediately recharges her shield when not hostile. Move a townsperson near her and kill them in her sight to provoke her. Good luck.(AoA, no Oozemancer or Krog as they start with antimagic and like any antimagic character cannot enter Angolwen)
23. Fear of fours - kill the four slime tunnel bosses. Technically optional as one or more could be avoided, but routinely done for plot.(AoA, no class/race restriction)

AoA lore -

1. Tales of the Spellblaze - purchase? (AoA, no class/race restriction)
2. Legend of Garkul - Random spawn?(AoA, no class/race restriction)
3. A different point of view - all pieces always found in prides.(AoA, no class/race restriction)

AoA quests -

1. Baby steps - do the tutorial.(Tutorial only)
2. Vampire Crusher - plot. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
3. A dangerous secret - plot. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
4. The secret city - complete apprentice mage’s quest SW of Derth by giving him an arcane powered item. (AoA, no Krog or Oozemancer or any character that takes antimagic before completing this event)
5. Burnt to the ground - complete apprentice’s quest by handing him the staff of absorption, requires winning the ambush after Dreadfell. (AoA, no Oozemancer, Krog, or other antimagic)
6. Against all odds - defeat Ukruk in the ambush. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
7. Sliders - plot. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
8. Destroyer’s bane - plot. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
9. Brave new world - plot. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
10. Race through fire - complete the charred scar in time. Movement infusions or gear like the jet pack or tinker rocket boots make this simple to do - teleports won’t work as they always send you backwards. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
11. Orcrist - plot. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
12. Evil denied - plot. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
13. The High Lady’s Destiny - Fail the charred scar, Aeryn must survive final battle to be sacrificed.(AoA, any non-yeek)
14. Selfless - Fail the charred scar, defeat the final battle, either choose yourself if Aeryn survived or default if she died.(AoA, any non-yeek)
15. Triumph of the way - win the final battle as a yeek. (AoA, yeek)
16. Tactical Master - close 0 portals in final battle.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
17. Portal Destroyer - close 1 portal in final battle. First priority is usually destruction, top left.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
18. “ Reaver - close 2. Consider destruction and then dragon, top right.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
19. “ Ender - close 3. Consider destruction, dragon, and then undead, bottom right.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
20. “ Master - close all 4 portals. Elemental is at bottom left.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
21. Never look back and there again - start in the east and do not enter the portal in the Slazish Fens quest, ?(AoA, Sun Paladin or Anorithil, not Skeleton, Ghoul, Doomelf, Dwarf, or Drem.)
22. Rescuer of the lost - save the merchant in the Trapped! quest. (AoA, no class/race restriction though not possible if turned into parasite by the Fanged Necklace)
23. Poisonous - side with the Assassin Lord in the Trapped! quest.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
24. Destroyer of the creation - killed Slasul - talk to Ukllmswiik and take his quest in the water area in the east. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
25. Treacherous Bastard - take the Legacy of the Naloren prodigy, side with Slasul, kill Ukllmswiik, return to Slasul and kill him - you cannot take the trident. (AoA, no class/race restriction but a character that can make use of the exotic weapons proficiency would be nice as otherwise the prodigy is dead weight).
26. Flooded - take Ukllmswiik’s quest and then kill him, usually by siding with Slasul but possibly by just killing them both. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
27. Gem of the moon - complete Limmir’s quest, starts by finding book as a random loot item in the east, talk to Limmir in SW Gates of Morning, complete area, use scroll by stones, defend him from demons.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
28. Curse Lifter - kill Ben Cruthdar in the lumberjack quest north of Last Hope.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
29. Fast Curse Dispel - defeat Ben Cruthdar before he kills any lumberjacks. This is very random and requires some extremely fast movement to get to him before he starts killing. Conveyance’s teleport will routinely get you in striking range, but it’s just luck as to whether he’ll be in position to kill a lumberjack first turn.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
30. Eye of the Storm - return to Derth after defeating Urkis by clearing the elementals out of Derth after level 14, talk to Linaniil in Angolwen or Myssil in Zigur (do antimagic first) to get to area. Be sure to talk to Lin/Mys afterwards for a reward.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
31. Antimagic! - complete training in Zigur. Only available if you have no “is a spell” talents (including runes) as otherwise you cannot enter Zigur.(AoA, nominally only not Drem, Writhing One, or Cultist of Entropy, Archmage, Paradox Mage, or Temporal Warden as they all start with a teleport talent,!but realistically speaking only a character with no “is a spell” talents.)
32. Anti-antimagic! - defeat Myssil after bringing the Grand Corruptor close to death with a character with substantial (10 points?) in “is a spell” talents and accepting his offer. (AoA, no Drem, no Oozemancer, but difficult to do in a class without “is a spell” talents).
33. There and back again - go back west by going to the building just north of Aeryn in Gates of Morning, complete the quest -get item from Vor Armory, back to building in GoM, get item from worm, back to building, pay 100g. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
34. Back and there again - go back east by going to the center of Last Hope, then to Tannen on the west side of town, then back to bottom of mines for backup boss, back to Tannen, tower east of lake, back to Tannen, complete dungeon, use portal. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
35. Arachnaphobia - complete quest given by woman in north central gates of morning to kill spider boss in nearby cave.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
36. Clone War - finish the crypt that randomly appears in the east, fighting a mirror copy of your character.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
37. Home sweet home - go to Lake of Nur in Old Forest, grab note at start of zone, go to bottom of dungeon, defeat weirdling beast, insert rod of recall in orb in middle of area, talk to tentacle ghost.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
38. Squadmate - start as a Dwarf (not Drem) of most classes and keep your teammate alive - this generally means that you’ll have to tank the boss at the end of the zone. (AoA, Dwarf only)
39. Genocide - defeat the boss in the breeding pits (requires addon as no longer in the official game).(AoA, no class/race restriction)
40. Savior of the damsels... - at level 24+, random event on world map. At bottom of zone, kill all four cultists before time runs out and escort Melinda out. Since she follows you by moving directly toward you, easiest way to escort is to dig a tunnel with several turns so that she cannot follow and then teleporting (or otherwise moving faster than she can follow) out. Clear the zone, dig her out, and be sure she’s adjacent to you when you leave the zone.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
41. Impossible Death - die to your clone in Daikara. (AoA, Temporal Warden)
42. Self killer - kill your clone in Daikara. (AoA, Temporal Warden)
43. Paradoxology - Kill and be killed by your clone in Daikara. Beat the clone to almost dead and put yourself at risk of dying, split the timeline using See the Threads, let the clone kill you (deactivate sustains and buffs by right clicking on them, attack yourself but don’t land a killing blow), kill the clone in the new timeline.(AoA, Temporal Warden)
44. Explorer - used farportal 7 times. Best done in post-game as farportals can be very dangerous. Every so often there will be no boss and you’ll be unable to finish a farportal, so this isn’t guaranteed to happen.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
45. Orbituary - complete the starting quest for the Angolwen start (AoA, Archmage not Skeleton, Ghoul, Drem, Doomelf, Dwarf)
46. Wibbly wobbly... - complete the starting quest given as a Chronomancer starting in Timepoint Zero. (AoA, Temporal Warden or Paradox Mage not Skeleton, Ghoul, Drem, Doomelf, Dwarf)
47. Matrix style - completed the Archmage Angolwen starting quest without being hit. Spread out skills to ensure having an attack available, sidestep the slow moving projectiles, save phase door until needed and stay well away from manaworms. (AoA, Archmage not Skeleton, Ghoul, Drem, Doomelf, Dwarf)
48. The right... - killed master at bottom of slaver compound.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
49. Thralless - release 30 slaves by killing their master yeeks first in slaver compound. Former slaves don’t have to survive.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
50. Lost in translation - complete the starting quest given to Anorithils and Sun Paladins that start in Gates of Morning. (AoA, Anorithil or Sun Paladin not Skeleton, Ghoul, Drem, Doomelf, Dwarf)
51. Dreaming my dreams - complete both dreams in the caldera, an optional zone that always spawns for yeeks. Wife dream is just talk to people, killing ghouls until finding the boss and using pillars to heal. Mouse dream is avoid enemies (putting stat points in Con helps) until you reach the bottom right. Some of the walls have secret passages. Will take a few tries. You can fail either dream (just get killed) if you get the wrong one to speed up repeats. (AoA, no class/race restriction but easiest as Yeek)
52. Oozemancer - kill oozemancer in the sludge pit. Random zone, guaranteed to Thalore. (AoA, no class/race restriction but easiest as Thalore)
53. Lucky Girl - after saving Melinda, talk to her in building at south end of last Hope. At beach, watch event. Talk to her again at last hope, talk to fortress shadow.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
54. The Sun still shines - Aeryn survives last battle. She usually survives if she’s only fighting one of the two sorcerers at a time, fighting both will get her killed quickly. If portals are desired for achievements, kill one of the bosses first before going for portals.(AoA, no class/race restriction)
55. No way! - fail the charred scar as a yeek, have Aeryn survive the final battle, select having her kill you.(AoA, no class/restriction but must be a Yeek).

Talents and unlock -

1. Pyromancer - after unlocking Archmage, deal 1 million fire damage across all characters. (AoA, no class/race restriction but need a consistent source of fire damage - Alchemist, Archmage, Annihilator (rocket pods) are three good options).
2. Cryomancer - after unlocking Archmage, deal 1 million cold damage across all characters. (AoA, no class/race restriction but need a consistent source of cold damage. Archmage and Alchemist are good choices.)
3. Lichform - become a lich using the Lichform talent. Trivial in EoR campaign as the quest is automatically completed and you just need to have the talent points. Activate blurred mortality to start the quest, defeat Celia in the graveyard (not in EoR), spend 40 fortress energy (not in EoR), activate the Lichform talent, die. (Any, not Krog, Necromancer or Adventurer)


1. Don’t Poosh It - Kill Kelad in Poosh event, which is triggered by donators spending coins on the event. (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)
2. Catch that Plumpkin - randomly triggered by developer, usually around Halloween.(AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)
3. Ay Ay Captain! - activate the pirate talent given by a random event from developer (talk like a pirate day?) (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)
4. Got Eggs? - complete Pikaclysm event, usually triggered around Easter. (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)
5. Mindwipe! - ? No longer possible, was triggered by random event but hasn’t been seen lately. (Probably not possible)
6. Can you bear it... - Kill Borius in the bearscape, random event triggered by donators. (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)
7. I meant to do that - fail to die 50 times with a life-saving talent. Cauterize prodigy is probably the easiest way to do this. Sun Paladin (Second Life) and Doomed (Shadow Decoy) also have repeatable life saving talents. (AoA or EoR, technically any but unrealistic on any antimagic character other than Doomed).
8. Bikining/Mankining - complete the game without removing or modifying the item that starts in the body armor slot. Classes that are forced to wear light armor (e.g. Brawler) are least affected. Anything that changes the body item, such as slotting tinkers or demons, will break the challenge. (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction.)
9. Catch that Plumpkin! - complete Plumpkin event, usually triggered around Halloween (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)

(There are also achievements related to the Christmas season event, but they don't appear on steam or in game and will always claim to be earned for the first time each done.)

Embers of Rage

1. Across the Narrow Sea - plot, defeat John - theoretically optional, but not likely. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
2. Reclaiming Garkul’s heritage - complete the internment camp zone. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
3. The High Lady’s... (finale) - plot, defeat Aeryn, technically optional. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
4. One ill turn... - plot, defeat giant council. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
5. The dead god... - plot, last boss in EoR campaign. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
6. To the bitter end - post-game, Destructicus the airship. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
7. Imp’ing away - post-game, Destructicus the imp. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
8. No mercy! - kill 1,000 steam giant civilians - given that a typical run has maybe 20, good luck. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
9. Mercy, mercy - kill Talosis before killing any civilians. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
10. This will make... - collect 40 eggs in the Ritch caverns. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
11. An other brick... - defeat Aeryn without completing stargazers which leaves orb turrets on all floors and without completing ritch which means many rares/unique enemies in area. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
12. No steam, no palace... - defeat the council without deactivating the valves, resulting in frequent defense turrets in all floors of palace. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
13. Here, I think... - kill Ureslak with his own femur equipped - using vault to provide item is fine. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
14. Do not go gentle... - defeat the second John, who appears near the bridge after Aeryn is defeated, and bind him to the ring. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
15. I did not want... - have Nek’tosh kill one of his whitehoof guards with his beam. Easiest to do at the same time as we weren’t kidding, just set an enemy between you and Nek’tosh and stay put. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
16. We weren’t kidding! - die to Nek’tosh’s beam while not stunned, dazed, pinned, asleep, confused. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
17. Make him squirm - Let Nek’tosh fire his beam until he runs out (five shots?) and leave him alive until defeating the Sher’tul High Priest. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
18. True Savior - do not kill any orcs when completing the internment camp. High mobility, track, and being overleveled are all recommended. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
19. Mender - defeat the bosses of the forest without killing uncorrupted treants (or crystalbark) - the bosses summon these type of enemies, so high mobility is important to get away from the summons. (EoR, no class/race restriction but doing it as a minion class like Summoner or Annihilator is unlikely at best).
20. Sufficiently advanced... - have 5/5/5/x in both chemistry and physics as a mage type. Has to be actual points, not just talent level. (Any, no race restriction, Necromancer and Alchemist in EoR or with a tinker escort, Archmage can technically do it anywhere with Technomancer but is unlikely to get enough points in “short” Arena).
21. Radiant Horrorc - have ??% (70?) fire/light affinity in a sunwall zone. Fiery salve on an injector can do this alone with a truly outstanding injector. Putting the unique horror core in a ring or amulet and vaulting it over also helps.(EoR, no class/race restriction)
22. Blood on the moon - kill all of the star gazers within 7 game turns. Presumably this means “kill the last star gazer within 7 turns of killing the first one.” Easily done when overleveled on any class that has meaningful area of effect attacks. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
23. Once upon a time... - explore the temporal rift in the EoR campaign. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
24. A fistful... - buy an item from an AAA. These spawn in the steam giant starting area and other places. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
25. For a few... - buy everything from an AAA. Easiest with one that you send back to town. (EoR, no class/race restriction)
26. The good, the... - kill 30 enemies with yeti minions. To make yeti minions, start as an Orc and get the yeti mind controller to drop from the first boss, which is common but not guaranteed. Use that to capture 8 yetis in the yeti cave. At level 20 they can be summoned, use them on weaker enemies to ensure to get the 30 kills. (EoR, no class restriction, must be an Orc).
27. Total Anni... - wield an Annihilator as an Annihilator. The item has no fixed drop location but can drop anywhere a T5 steamgun can drop. It doesn’t appear that a vaulted copy works consistently - maybe 1/item. (Any but improbable in Arena, no race restriction, Annihilator only)

Ashes of Uhr’Rok

1. A fist full of demons - kill 1000 demons across all playthroughs. (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)
2. Glory to the fearscape - activate all of the demon statues across all playthroughs. In general, just activate every one you see and you’ll get it eventually. (AoA or EoR, no class/race restriction)
3. Well Seeded - get 500 demon seeds. Unclear if this includes ones that are automatically discarded. A typical Demonologist playthrough will not get you 500. (Any, no race restriction but must be demonologist or Adventurer).
4. Demonic Party! - have 5 demons in your party. Since the Demonologist talent summons despawn long before you can summon 5, this requires help. Adventurer taking Fugue Clone from Timeline Threading, Demonic pact for the two summons, and Shadowflame for Flames of Uhr’Rok to be a demon yourself (and for your clones) is one solution. (Any but Arena unlikely, no class/race restriction but Adventurer needed for most strategies).
5. Hell has... - defeat the first boss from the Demon start (AoA, start as Doom Elf or Demonologist, Doombringer that is not Skeleton, Ghoul, Dwarf, Drem).
6. Once bitten, twice shy - defeat the boss of the abduction dungeon that happens after a certain level (?) for characters with the Demon start.(AoA, start as Doom Elf or Demonologist, Doombringer that is not Skeleton, Ghoul, Dwarf, Drem).
7. The Old Ones - defeat 1. Shasshhiy, which appears after killing cultists in a random event in Daikara, Spellblaze, Reknor, and the infinite dungeon (others?), 2. Kryl’Feijan, who appears when you let Melinda be sacrificed. 3. Walrog, who can appear at random on any water map or appears when you defeat Slasul and then come back and defeat Ukllmswiik. (AoA, no class/race restriction)

Cults -

1. You were not supposed to read that! - read any forbidden tome. These are all random T3-T4 loot. Kaltor’s shop frequently sells them. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
2. Bookception! - complete Of Knowledge and Horrors. Damaging the boss requires activation of several widgets scattered around the level. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
3. Recursive home of recursion - drop Home, Horrific Home (3H), which is the reward from Of Knowledge and Horrors, in the zone that you visit by reading 3H, then leave, losing 3H permanently. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
4. They came from outer space! - Find the crash site and wear the device when you leave for the world map. For the crash site to appear you need lore entries, presumably the "spaceship scene" found at the eastern edge of the map from the Drem unlock. Obtaining the lore through the fortress library works. Sending the device through the vault does not work. (AoA)
5. The True Coward - fail to save 1. Kroshkurr (just leave without doing the dungeon), 2. Derth (don’t defeat Urkis), 3. The lost merchant (side with the assassin lord), 4. Melinda (summon Kryl’Feijan or just skip the zone), 5. Aeryn (fail scar and defeat her on last floor of high peak, or let her die in the battle against the Sorcerers). (AoA, Drem. Otherwise Writhing one or cultist that is not Skeleton, Ghoul, Doomelf, or Dwarf).
6. Sequence Master - use five sequences - 1. Kroshkurr, 2. In cave with portal, 3. From assassin lord’s message, 4. In Vor Armory 1st floor, sometimes, 5. In patrol encounter with orcs in Far East, rarely, 6. In high peak. (AoA, no class/race restriction but starting in Kroshkurr as Drem, Cultist, or Writhing makes it easier).
7. Is that how it feels... - Maiyu survives the random worm event that happens on overland map at level 30. (AoA, no class/race restriction)
8. Not Really Yourself - Use the fanged collar to turn into a parasite, put 20 points in parasite talents. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
9. Myths of an age past - lore, but where? Presumably purchased in Kroshkurr (AoA, no class/race restriction?)
10. Dethroned - defeat the glass golem in the Illusory Castle tome without letting him heal. To do this, put one of the walls in his room between him and his throne so that he runs into the wall when he tries to get to the throne. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
11. A view from the gallery - complete the tome of the same name by making it to the end with enough food. Food carries over from attempt to attempt and the book can be reattempted. (Any except Arena, no class/race restriction)
12. Entropy’s End - defeat the Hypostasis of Entropy accessed using the sequence in high peak. (AoA, cannot be Yeek as Yeeks always die at high peak)

...Entropic Wormholes (do these exist? Have only seen on wiki.)

Possessor -

1. Bill Kill! - kill your own shade in the body of Bill. As a boss, Bill requires level 7 possession which means a category point, adept prodigy, or theoretically a skill amulet to be able to take the body. (AoA, Possessor)
2. Un... - kill Shasshhiy in the body of Kryl’Feijan or vice versa. Again requires level 7 possession. Since Sha frequently shows up in the Spellblaze Scar, starting a character and checking that zone immediately after starting will ensure that it’s possible to complete the achievement in that run. Since Kryl’Feijan is triggered at level 24, starting Dreadfell at as high a level as possible will ensure hitting 25 if the plan is to take the Adept prodigy to capture bosses. (AoA, Possessor)
3. Un... (Redux) - Kill Aeryn in the body of Sun Paladin John. This mandates using a category point for possession level 7 as nothing else is available before fighting John without some serious shenanigans. (EoR, Possessor)
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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#2 Post by whitelion »

This is cool, thanks for documenting this. Some very amusing achievements I had no idea about.

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#3 Post by SDY »

I might at some point update the wiki with this info, though I’m still scratching my head on a few and I might play with some devmode or lolcheat addons just to test sequence.

One minor update made above on Shasshhy.
Also one update that the Daikara achievements are Warden only, not any chronomancer.

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#4 Post by Unmaker »

Dethroned is also possible if you have wormhole - put one on the throne and he teleports away instead of getting to it.

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#5 Post by Unmaker »

Dethroned is _also_ possible if you slap the golem with Healing Inversion and he is low enough in Life that the inversion kills him. I also got Overpowered! (did more than 6000 damage at once) out of that. His healing factor must have been insane...

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#6 Post by mckwack »

If I may add:

For Pyromancer/Cryomancer, make sure you stick to one difficulty and permadeath setting, since the game keeps different counters for each settings (i.e Normal/Adventure and Normal/Roguelike will have separate counters).

Also for Pyromancer, if you have the DLC AoU, you could play a Doombringer for massive fire damage.. I remember going all the way through 700k out of 1mil for the achie at the end of my most successful Doombringer run (this one, died at 28 :( ) which was only my 2nd Doombringer on Nightmare/Adventure. With only 1 more Doombringer on the same difficulty/permadeath settings, I'm pretty sure I started the game at less than 200k, at least. Cleared the achie by playing a Sawbutcher next from EoR, for the last 300k of fire damage :wink: .

For Cryomancer, at the moment I'm trying a combination of Frost Alchemist, Water Archmage, Grave Necromancer (pre-1.7), and Cold-drake Wyrmic. None of these dish out massive cold damage a la Doombringer and/or Sawbutcher, although Cold-drake Wyrmic might be the closest with it's 'Icy Skin' talent. Still have more than 700k of cold damage to go.. :(

PS: the things we do to get achievements.. :mrgreen:
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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#7 Post by SDY »

Updated again after finally getting They Came.

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#8 Post by Rustndusty »

The Myths of an Age Past achievement comes from the 8 'Demythification of the Gods' lore pieces and the 10 'Mightier than Gods' lore pieces. 7 can be bought in Kroshkurr and the rest have to be found.

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#9 Post by MrDamm »

Anyone know the criteria to unlock the various Avatar of Distant Sun endings? I'm guessing one is available to Avatar evolution, the other for the Fallen evolution. Not sure about the Sher'tul one, maybe you have to find the Sher'tul in the farportal before beating the game?

They Came Back For Eyal: Won ToME thanks to a Sher'tul stopping you at the last moment from opening a portal to your mad patron sun.
Last Instant of Sanity: Won ToME by closing the Void portal and letting yourself be killed by Aeryn to prevent the your mad patron sun from burning the world in a searing flash.
This is how the world ends: swallowed in fire, but not in darkness: Won ToME by sacrificing yourself for your patron Distant Sun, opening a portal for it to burn and consume the world.

Also, for the "You know who’s to blame (Reprise)" achievement, you can just kill Myssil in town, rather than having to fight the grand corruptor and join forces to attack Zigur. She's not too difficult if you ambush her in town, killed her on Insane RL at level 20ish with a mindslayer. Easier than going through most of the game avoiding bosses and then doing the grand corruptor.
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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#10 Post by Erenion »

All three of the avatar endings are based on Avatar of a Distant Sun.
The "burn it all" ending is to just give in.
There's one where Aeryn murders you (have 50+ WIL and have her be alive)
and the Sher'Tul ending is the same, but with Aeryn dead (iirc.)
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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#11 Post by MrDamm »

Erenion wrote: Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:41 pm All three of the avatar endings are based on Avatar of a Distant Sun.
The "burn it all" ending is to just give in.
There's one where Aeryn murders you (have 50+ WIL and have her be alive)
and the Sher'Tul ending is the same, but with Aeryn dead (iirc.)
Thanks, definitely would have missed the other 2 with the 50 wil requirement!

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#12 Post by MrDamm »

Another follow up question for the "No Way!" achievement.

I failed the charred scar, fought Aeryn but let her live outside the boss portal, and then had her survive the final fight. I chose dialogue option "B" to refuse to give in, but then the next dialogue option forced me to self-sacrifice--no option to let Aeryn finish the job. I had 106 wil too, I thought that would be enough for sure. Is there another requirement?

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Re: Achievements - full (?) list and directions

#13 Post by MrDamm »

A tip for "Demonic Party!"

You can do it on a demonologist with a few tricks, so you don't have to do an entire adventurer run just for this.

1. Equip the unique demon seed Rogroth (gives +2 to all demon seed / demonic pact talents -- this gives extra duration on the summons and the teleport summon)
2. Have Bind Demon, Twisted Portal and the 4th talent in demonic pact tree maxed
2. Have the prodigy Eye of the Tiger -- you can temporarily give yourself this with writhing ring of the hunter
3. Use Flames of Urhrok sustain to be a demon yourself
4. Enter combat (one demon will be summoned automatically), use twisted portal (+1 demon for 7 turns), cast bind demon summon (+1 demon), cast a few spells that hopefully crit and lower the cool down of twisted portal at least once, then casted twisted portal again for the 5th demon (you count as one too).

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