Help modifying a spell

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Help modifying a spell

#1 Post by chaseface »

can anyone help me out with editing the radius of a spell? I would like to reduce the radius of the "fireflash" spell at higher levels, I feel it gets too big and would like the damage of the spell to increase as normal, but keep the default level 1 radius. There are many entries such as this one... am I even looking in the correct file? 1.5.5 team file? Im not understanding where to edit the radius part to keep it from increasing as you put points in the talent from lvl 2-5

name = "Fireflash",
type = {"misc/misc",3},
points = 5,
cooldown = 20,
range = 15,
proj_speed = 4,
direct_hit = true,
requires_target = true,
action = function(self, t)
local tg = {type="ball", range=self:getTalentRange(t), radius=1 + self:getTalentLevelRaw(t), selffire=false, talent=t, display={particle="bolt_fire", trail="firetrail"}}
local x, y = self:getTarget(tg)
if not x or not y then return nil end
self:projectile(tg, x, y, DamageType.FIRE, rng.range(4, 8) * self:getTalentLevel(t), function(self, tg, x, y, grids), y, tg.radius, "fireflash", {radius=tg.radius, grids=grids, tx=x, ty=y})
return true
info = function(self, t)
return "Zoooshh!"

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Re: Help modifying a spell

#2 Post by Micbran »

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local tg = {... radius = 1 + self:getTalentLevelRaw(t)
A little bit of a starters guide written by yours truly here.

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