Bonus Category Points for Winning

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Bonus Category Points for Winning

#1 Post by overgoat »

I was thinking of ways to make replaying with different classes more fun and had an idea: What if winning the game on each difficulty level provided .1 category points to that class for future playthroughs of that class? So after winning at Normal and Nightmare your class skills for that class would be at a bonus of .2.

This would give a minor boost when trying for the higher difficulty levels and make Insane difficulty more viable for weaker classes. Madness would still be mostly impossible, but that .3 would help you get a bit further with that class. There would be some balance concerns, but even with pre-nerf Adept prodigy it never felt those bonus points were game breaking. This would also give completionists another goal to shoot for and maybe encourage people to play classes they normally wouldn't.

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Re: Bonus Category Points for Winning

#2 Post by Aztra »

I think it would be fun to get the bonus category points in a random class (That you have unlocked of course) and that is different from the one you completed the game with. You can only get the bonus once in each class for each difficulty.

This way you would actually be encouraged to try different classes, that maybe you previously thought weren't viable, and now they're a bit more approachable with that extra power.

This should definitely be an addon, and not part of the base game, as it would not be worth to balance in my opinion.

This could likely be a nightmare to code as well. I have some ideas, but I've been playing for 7 years and haven't finished the game yet, so I personally wouldn't bother myself trying to make an addon that affects endgame.

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