Arena Issues

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Arena Issues

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I'm heavily interested in the Arena mode, since it provides quick leveling (leading to building different classes) and an unique excitement.

I was also absorbed in Infinite Dungeons 1-2 years ago (Not sure if the whole system has been well adjusted) and wrote this: which include something about the chest below -
I really think that the Infinite dungeons can have its own version of chest, and its function depend on the skills PC have:

1. Default mode (Transform all items into energy (currently there are no energy in ID mode, but it can be used to perform special actions, e.g. return to easier levels) except for gems/alchemist gems)

2. Crafter mode (only available after having Steam/Physics and/or Steam/Chemistry)(Transform all items into materials, except for gems/alchemist gems)

3. Alchemy mode (only available after having Spell/Stone Alchemy) (Transform all gem-transferrable item into gems, other things into energy, except for gems/alchemist gems)

4. Efficient mode (only available after having Steam/Physics and/or Steam/Chemistry And Spell/Stone Alchemy) - metal items goes for gems, while others go for material/energy.
Some of the current problem for this under-developed mode (?) are:

1. Lack of item management - I think a chest, which has +1000 Encumbrance and can dismantle things to either gems or materials are better for the convenience. The players need every bit of gold at the shop, and don't want to manually sell everything! The actual process can be activated between rounds.

2. Lack of class trees: There are no Combat Training for some classes (which can always be get in main campaign). No Antimagic option for eligible characters either - the reason is, the antimagic ability can be acquired with an artifact - plots not necessary. I'm not sure for the Tinker trees, as it may make the arena game complicated, also may not be quite useful without sufficient implants and materials (consider the points cannot be taken off)

3. Please hint for the useless talents for arena in Description: I'm referring to the T2 (Teleport) of Spell/Conveyance not working. Also please don't allocate T1 of Cunning/Survival automatically, as only T2 of the tree can be useful in this mode.

I also hope to see the arena including easier ways to unlock Insane/Madness and other options/achievements. Also a mutating arena which has more waves, more creatures and a changing environment.

Thanks for viewing, especially for our dark Lord and other contributors.

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