More obvious "one-hand" and "off-hand" notes

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More obvious "one-hand" and "off-hand" notes

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this. Maybe this belongs in "Dumb Questions", because I admit I mostly want this because I tend to forget which abilities need which items equipped and then get myself in trouble.

I really appreciate the fact that two-handed weapons explicitly mention that they're two-handed, but it would be nice if one-handed and off-hand (both shield and secondary weapon) items also explicitly stated that they were one-hand and/or off-hand capable, rather than having to figure it out by the lack of a "This weapon must be held in both hands" note. Possibly even with an additional note or symbol if it will interfere with an ability we've put points into (such as Stunning Blow not working with one-handed weapons or Mutated Hand not working with two-handed/off hand weapons.

I know that mindstars do have the note in the bottom about off-hand penalty not being the same as for normal off-hand weapons, but even there, a slightly more obvious note would make it easier to find the info, especially for newer players.

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