Greater Weapon Focus has to to go...

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Greater Weapon Focus has to to go...

#1 Post by Delmuir »

Very nearly 100% of my deaths come at the hands of GWF. It's an absurdly overpowered skill, particularly on enemies.

The fact that I see that damn skill EVERY TIME I die is a clear indication that something is wrong. Either other skills aren't as dangerous as they should be or this damn skill is too damn powerful. And yes, I know it was nerfed already but I'm suggesting that it just be completely eliminated on enemies.

To be clear, I don't mind dying... I'd just like to die to something other than GWF.

Additional issue... I see psionic and Oozemancer skills on a LOT of random bosses. The majority of the last few games I've played (I've started keeping track) and that's suspiciously prevalent.

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Re: Greater Weapon Focus has to to go...

#2 Post by Laerte »

I agree 100%.

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