ToME - true modding is possible here?

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ToME - true modding is possible here?

#1 Post by halendor »


I'm new to Tales of Maj'Eyal, playing since last week and i noticed that there is no addons that add new content/game mechanics (for example monsters/enemies, more locations on map like new city or encounters, new quests, new patrols [roaming monster horde would be awesome] or even whole new game mechanic.).
Found mostly new class, bugfixes, overhauls and UI addons, but nothing like that what i mentioned above and that is what i was searching for. This game is so great and i feel it truly deserve one very large world with complex mechanics that can keep player for thousand hours and doesn't involve infinite dungeon.

Summary: Is it possible to create mods that add said above content to main game? If yes is it harder than creating normal addons? (gonna try myself if it is possible after i finish ToME store)

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if(summary == true) { printf("why no one created content like that to standard campaign? if new content like that exist please post links, maybe i've missed it while searching for addons"); }
Sorry if i made any english grammar mistakes, it isn't my main language

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Re: ToME - true modding is possible here?

#2 Post by Doctornull »

It's totally possible.

The biggest hurdle for new monster creation is probably the art.
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Re: ToME - true modding is possible here?

#3 Post by Arcvasti »

It's possible, but there's not really that much demand for it. Tome is already a super bloated game, with way more enemies and zones then it needs. Odyssey of the Summoner comes the closest to what you're talking about, but it's a mess of weird code and ludicrously awful balancing. I suspect that any such addon would be that way, simply because the overlap between good addon maker and people who think tome is too short is so tiny.

And yeah using custom art assets for enemies/items/zones is a huge barrier for a lot of artistically-impaired addon makers. There's soooome unused stuff in the game files, but that's kind of dubiously useful. Maybe if you wanted to make a quest about hunting down a seedy treant gang terrorizing the "streets" of "Shatur" it'd be helpful.

There's also been some stuff made using the t-engine that isn't strictly tome modding, but I'm not sure if any of it really got off the ground. Veins of the Earth, which was the big one, might have switched to another engine?

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Re: ToME - true modding is possible here?

#4 Post by HousePet »

I'd added new locations in addons.
The DLCs are addons, and they contain entirely new campaigns, locations and mechanics.
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