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Emergency Help.

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It is the nature of the beast that in any game undergoing constant development, there will be bugs. Sometimes they're easy to fix, sometimes not so much.

Because some bugs can reoccur repeatedly, sometimes for several versions before all the causes can be tracked down and fixed *coughclonescoughcough*, to cut down on the number of folks asking the developer to fix savefiles, a system has been created that can fix or work around certain common bugs.

Currently, we are capable of unsticking you from being trapped in walls (rare, but can occur), get you out of an area you cannot leave (stuck on eidolon plane, trapped in dungeon by clone blocking stairs, etc), and clear buffs/debuffs not leaving properly. (seldom happens anymore, but it can rarely occur.)

If your savefile is afflicted by something which one or more of the above fixes can be applied to, contact me (Aura Of the Dawn), Dekar, Stuntofthelitter, or Shibari, either ingame, or (more preferably) via IRC client on the #tome channel.

If you have an IRC client already, simply connect to the Rizon server, and the #tome channel. If you don't, here's a mibbit link.

--- http://mibbit.com/#tome@irc.rizon.net ---

Simply choose a nickname, and then find one of the two of us in channel. We will need to know your in-game username, and you will need to be in-game, playing tome online, for the character you wish fixed.

If you're using the mibbit link, ignore the 'idle' status on many users. It's overly sensitive, and the three of us drift in and out fairly regularly, if available. While we may not get to you right away, we'll get to you as soon as possible. If possible, send a private message to us to get our attention faster, as if we are gone for a long enough period, logs may lose your original message. For those not familiar with IRC in general, any message containing our name blinks our client to get our attention, and making sure to mention our name in your request should get you noticed faster.

Keep in mind, this is for help with the kind of things listed above, not with your game crashing. For help with that, try looking here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/259680/di ... 506464418/

Please remember to report all bugs either here or on the steam forums found at http://steamcommunity.com/app/259680/discussions/0/

Finally, If you cannot reach a moderator with these previous steps, stuntofthelitter maintains a site where you can submit your save to be fixed. Create a ticket, making sure to describe the problem as well as including a zipped copy of your save, and he will get to it when he is able. - http://www.te4support.org/

Please remember this should not be your first resort, and a response is likely to be faster if you attempt to contact one of us three first.
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Re: Emergency Help.

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Thanks for the IRC link. I was looking around for that.

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