ToME BFG (best friends guide) post your ToME best friends

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ToME BFG (best friends guide) post your ToME best friends

#1 Post by Kruzifixxion »

So ITT post all your ToME bffls and say something nice about them

Bpat - I like to theorycraft with him, he even posted a guide on the forum

Cathbald - I like the way he plays and he's nice, he even posted a guide on the forum

Dado - He's my mentor and I learned how to play from watching him, he even posted a Mindslayer guide to help others learn how to play

Orange - He's nice and I enjoy listening to him evolve as a producer

Mex- He's a good person who has won madness. He's handed down top secret Archmage info to me so I value him as a friend, and he even posted guides on the forum

Majora - He's a cool guy and I've played other games with him, he even made Hounds a mainstream and viable spec for TW

Nex - He's a good guy with a similar name to Mex, but they are the complete opposite personality-wise, he's even make a googledoc with builds from forum guides

Micbran - He's a good person, and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to find all my other ToME bffls, he even posted a beginners guide on the forum

TinyReaver - He's a legend to me and a staple amongst the ToME community, without him it would fall and not be able to recover

Ster - He's toxic so he's easy to identify with, he also posted a guide on the forum

San0ix - My biggest inspiration and I also learned a lot from watching him play, so he's a legend to me also

Naughtyusername - An epic guy who is addicted to playing DB as I am and he's cool to talk to

shesfakingit - He's a cool guy to talk to and I respect him for not quitting ToME even though it's his first roguelike

Derzok - He's funny and taught me to play & also convinced me to start playing insane

Kirk - He's a nice guy who posted a guide on the forum, which makes it easier for new players to excel at the easiest class in the game

Einzbern - He's a good person who won Corruptor and I learned a lot from him

Repli - He's a good and nice person & I respect him for being one of the only EoR players

Derael - Hands down the best person to theorycraft with, I hope he returns to ToME soon

Shibari - He's a good dev and also a good friend to have

Stof - He's my best friend and also the most positive force in the ToME community

Reisner - He's a good guy and I like his avatars
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Re: ToME BFG (best friends guide) post your ToME best friend

#2 Post by Kirk »

Thank you, Kruz, it really means a lot to me that you said that about us :)

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Re: ToME BFG (best friends guide) post your ToME best friend

#3 Post by Micbran »

this should be updated to fit the current tomefriend climate as well as any new tomefriends who have been made.
A little bit of a starters guide written by yours truly here.

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Re: ToME BFG (best friends guide) post your ToME best friend

#4 Post by GlassGo »

I miss your uneducated ignorance in some questions guys.
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