Hallowed Field: come on?!? Really?!?

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Hallowed Field: come on?!? Really?!?

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I'm playing a game on Insane, as I normally do, and this is the first time I've seen this event pop up. So I enter it... and I can't leave. The boss screen is insta-death.

Why?!? Why do this? This is just unnecessary and it isn't fun. Either I ignore any and all extra content forever or I sacrifice my character to it. No warning (unlike the nearly as bad Godfeaster and crypt).

This is super frustrating and it absolutely crushed any sense of fun I was having. I was fine taking the one death by exploring this new zone but finding out I was trapped, just killed it for me. The character I had just went through an insane gauntlet wherein I saved three escorts, fighting off multiple bosses and uniques along the way, one in a near miraculous situation. To have a character lost to such a silly and pointless gimmick is... disheartening.

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