Dealing with Orc Mage-Hunters

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Lord Estraven
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Dealing with Orc Mage-Hunters

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So, playing this Yeek Skirmisher in Exploration mode, to get a bunch of unlocks and try to get a better feel for the game: ... 4625ca7fa9

Most of the Far East enemies at this point are either flunkies that die fast, or random uniques that are likely to kill me. There's one though that's just a complete nuisance, and that's the Orc Mage-Hunter. They don't do enough damage to pose a threat even two or three against one, but they take much less damage than I'd expect from their description, and heal fast. Especially the unique ones. At one point in Gorbat Pride I had a unique Mage-Hunter just kind of follow me around slapping at me through the whole level, because I couldn't get in enough damage to kill him before he healed.

At this point the vague formula I've got is Rune of Dissipation -> Vital Shot -> Venom Strike -> whatever called shots I have available -> Quick Shots and then just keep chucking shots at him until he dies. And this works most of the time on the generic ones since I took Lucky Day as my second prodigy. But the unique ones are still a pain. How do I do reliable damage and stop them from regenerating? With normal shots I keep seeing line after line still of zero damage even though their desc says they don't fully resist whatever it is.

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Re: Dealing with Orc Mage-Hunters

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I think it is a somewhat common problem with skirmishers: relatively low damage. And low APR, and few damage types.

And in my view one of the great racials for Yeek are the Wayists, with high Willl and APR they can hit really hard, and are fast, and take no time to use.I played an anti-magic Yeek Rogue once, with mindstars. I rarely used the mindstars, but had max will, and mindstars have great APR, so the Wayists were very lethal. I usually opened with the poisoned throwing knives from stealth, summoned the Wayists, and went back to stealth.

And I think Exploration might not be a great way to get a feel for the game. It teaches you wrong habits. 34 deaths simply means that character build isn't really viable, or you made tactical mistakes during battles. I think Adventure is a nice middle ground, you still need to focus on survival.

You also haven't played Archmage much. I find that to be a very versatile class. A lightning archmage can do lots of damage, you can get disruption shield to be beefier, and lots of mobility. And if you put 4 points in Teleport you can usually teleport annoying enemies to the other side of the map and just ignore them.

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