"while carried"

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"while carried"

#1 Post by Tepa »

Im rather new to the game and just realized by watching some gameplay that you can use some items straight from your backpack without equipping wich is really cool. IMO cool is not tho that you dont know wich items before you basically test it out. No info in item descriptions ("while carried" tag would be nice), no info when looking item up from the wiki that u can do so neither.

Pains me to think how many missed opportunities i have had to use such items cause i prolly have transmofigifidified (<-nailed it) those if i felt they werent worth the equipment slot when i could have had item in my backpack and put it in hotbar wich is totally different case. Wouldnt like to test all the items out every time i pick them up cause that takes lots of time especially when they replace other abilities on my already full hotbar and then i have to figure out what ability is missing every time.

Anyways i suggest that "while carried" tag to be added and it would be _awesome_ if someone could be so nice and post list of such items that can be used straight from backpack without equipping or that give stat bonuses while carried or inform me if i can find that out somewhere.

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Re: "while carried"

#2 Post by Moasseman »

Things that give passive bonuses while carried have the "while carried: X" in their description.

Items that can be used straight from the inventory are the rods (Rod of Recall, Rod of Spydric Poison, Rod of Annulment, Rod of Entropy), Gwai's Burninator (effectively a rod) and Egg-sac of Ungole

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Re: "while carried"

#3 Post by Erenion »

Also the Burning Star (a gem).
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