clone-type talents are too powerful

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clone-type talents are too powerful

#1 Post by east »

I asked for help a while ago by posting that clone-type talents are too powerful when they appear as enemies.

Today my character died again.

This time I took a screenshot and it shows just how much of a problem this is.

My character dies once and comes back to life in "Blood of Life" but will die again soon.

I met unique fearos.


This guy was wearing a unique item and created a clone of me.
Nimbus of Enlightenment (cap item)
On wearing: "They are out to get you. This is not real this is not real this is not real." (Summons some inner demons that look like shadow simulacri for each enemy passively. Only 10% of these will be directly targeting you... the rest fights everyone else including you. These do grant experience, but not Items.)

I have high defense skills, damage shield, high res, high save. My character is not a glass cannon.

My shadow shows my defense like this. But shadow killed me in one turn.

-50% all damage for balance, but it has enough damage to kill my character.


How should I deal with this situation? No answer.
I can't even escape.

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Re: clone-type talents are too powerful

#2 Post by HousePet »

Stone Wall and Movement Infusion would have allowed you to bypass it.
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