Chronolith Twin Absorption?

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Chronolith Twin Absorption?

#1 Post by MarnelKelis »

I'm in the dimensional rift which I've done a dozen times before without issues. Playing a level 18 brawler and literally everything I do heals him. I killed the Clone without a problem. I have literally taken everything off and I still heal him for 10HP every attack, with gear it's more like 40% HP lol.

I cannot leave. I cannot kill him. Am I seriously softlocked in a roguelike?

And why the hell does he have absorption? And of WHAT? The message log just says he's hit for 'healing'.

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Re: Chronolith Twin Absorption?

#2 Post by Moasseman »

He most likely rolled Penitence (a staff) as weapon and it grants 20% affinity/30% resist to the chosen element, which would be Physical.

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