Bone Giants for necros

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Bone Giants for necros

#1 Post by Ranto »

Just toying around with the necromancer and I can't help feeling that the bone giants are extremely underwhelming. I decided to sink 5 points into both Assemble and Lord of Skulls to see what wicked monster I'd get. It's got a lot of health, but no real damage (the 'You shall be my weapon' talent is handy only in the sense that it stuns).

If it had the ability to taunt it might be more handy, but at this point it just looks like as damage tank that isn't worth investing more than one point into? Alternatively, if it had some equipment...

Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the feel for the necromancer

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Re: Bone Giants for necros

#2 Post by cybaster »

Same impression. Mage lord of skulls is way better - the bone giants spawn unarmed and only "big", so they aren't designed to make use of this talent at all, which demands high base weapon damage and massive unit size to even be useful.

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