Wood Elves error?

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Wood Elves error?

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So i just went back to this classic and found something weird. The birth documentation lists wood elves as being one of the very few races with a modifer bonus: .2 to archery, on top of their 4.0 flat bonus. This seems unlikely to be wrong due to the situation. And yet, all other documentation, as well as the actual gamefiles, list the mod bonus as 0. Changelog was swept, incl oldlog, no dice. Anyone know why this is?

EDIT: having access to a better PC that can actually show the text properly from the edit folder, ::

R:b:1:Tree walking

It looks like someone glitched the datum for 2.3.5, I'm assuming the game code is improperly overwriting the first call to archery with the second call, instead of addding them. Can be manually fixed by anyone who wants stronger archers.... or who wants non-archer characters to be able to get Ammo Creation? WOuld be nice if someone could figure out what version introduced this bug.
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