[1.7 beta] worse talent scaling & nerfing all the classes

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[1.7 beta] worse talent scaling & nerfing all the classes

#1 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Hey, hi!

I noticed that in 1.7, all the classes received serious nerfs due to the change of the CombatTalentLimit function.

I already made a report at the Bug forum: http://forums.te4.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=51371
I made it when i tried BETA 5 (i tried this beta first)
Now it is BETA 7.

I checked Chronomancers & Psionics & Archmage talents already about the nerfs,
about the way worse (i mean less smooth) scalings & about several talents DO NOTHING at talent level 1.

Like Energy Absorption affects ZERO talents at lvl 1 & Telekinetic Leap has a RANGE ONE at level 1
(yes, you can jump into an adjacent tile).

An example for the less smooth & worse scalings:

Device Mastery:

1.6 : 10%, 20%, 28%, 34%, 40% (increasement: 10, 10, 8, 6, 6)

1.7 : 6%, 17%, 24%, 30%, 34% (increasement: 6, 11, 7, 6, 4)

As you can see, the scaling is less smooth.

I now also checked the class ROGUE , what talents were nerfed & the scalings made worse:


1, Dirty Fighting
a, Backstab: the disable chance
b, Blinding Powder: the slow

2, Poisons
a, Apply Poison: the apply %chance
b, Toxic Death: the radius
c, Venomous Strike: the global speed reduction

Numbing Poison: the damage reduction
Insidious Poison: the healing reduction
Crippling Poison: the talent fail chance%
Leeching Poison: the heal
Volatile Poison: the damage increase%
Stoning Poison: the stoneTime

3, Stealth
a, Soothing Darkness: the radius
b, Shadow Dance: the cooldown & the duration

4, Trapping
a, Lure: the range, the Life & the Resist

Gravitic Trap: the duration
Ambush Trap: the duration
Catapult Trap: the chance

5, Assassination
a, Terrorize: the radius
b, Marked for Death: the percent

6, Combat Techniques
a, Rush: the cooldown
b, Perfect Strike: the duration

7, Dual Techniques
a, Heartseeker: the crit damage & the range
b, Whirlwind: the range

8, Duelist
a, Dual Weapon Mastery: the offhand weapon dmg reduction
b, Tempo: the stamina & the energy gains
c, Feint: both the duration & the ParryEfficiency
d, Lunge: the disarm duration

9, Throwing Knives
a, Throwing Knives: the range & the base damage
b, Fan of Knives: the damage
c, Precise Aim: the chance
d, Quickdraw: both the speed & the chance

10, Scoundrel
a, Lacerating Strikes: the chance
b, Scoundrel’s Strategies: the chance
c, Misdirection: the duration & the chance
d, Fumble: the max stacking

11, Survival:
a, Device Mastery: the Cooldown reduction
b, Danger Sense: the Unseen Reduction

12, Combat Training
a, Light Armour Training: the fatigue

13, Mobility
a, Disengage: the distance
b, Evasion: the cooldown
c, Tumble: the cooldown & the Exhaustion & the duration
d, Trained Reactions: the damage reduction% & the stamina & the life trigger threshold

My questions are - according to the game development - :

a, why is it better if all/most of the classes have reduced talent scaling in numerous talents? (numerous nerfs)

b, why is it better if the classes have less smooth (worse) scaling in these talents?

c, why is it better if several talents do nothing at level 1?

Thank you for the reply!

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Re: [1.7 beta] worse talent scaling & nerfing all the classe

#2 Post by darkgod »

Bunny is fixing those for beta 8 :)
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Re: [1.7 beta] worse talent scaling & nerfing all the classe

#3 Post by Phantomfrettchen »

I almost feel like instead changing the CTL function and having to adjust the values for all the talents, one could've written diffferent functions in the same time for the most offending talents xD
Oh man, i don't get this CTL change... feels like it resulted in more work for not very much benefit.

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