Please change Fearscape targeting

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Please change Fearscape targeting

#1 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Hi everyone,

unfortunately Fearscape has a very unique targeting, that is completely
makes the talent unfair & really evil.

Code: Select all

else -- always hit the primary target
			local tgt =
			return {type="hit", range=self:getTalentRange(t), talent=t, x=tgt and tgt.x, y=tgt and tgt.y}
This means, for the player character, everything is totally okay, normal.
Players do not have this: "" value.

So players' targeting is like: {type="hit", range=self:getTalentRange(t), talent=t


Enemies have this "" value and that means, NPCs
are always auto-target me with their Fearscape.

They do not need Line of Sight (LoS) at all!

If I am within range 5 to a Defiler with Fearscape, it will immediately Fearscape me
and after the Fearscape, I am replaced back to the original map, where the Defiler was.

That means, I cannot be save to anywhere.
I am grabbed out from my tunnels and than replaced back where there are ~ 5-8 rare+ enemies waiting for me.
Automatically... enemy does not need a LoS.

Archmages are grabbed out from their Stone Wall and than replaced outside from their Stone Wall too.
Automatically... No save check, no LoS needed.

Only immunity is: negative_status_effect_immune or status_effect_immune
So Draconic Will or being Frozen...

I am playing on madness, therefore enemies always taget me (due to hunted), so thats why
they can always target me without the need of LoS.
I have no problem with madness scaling, I love madness scaling (thats why i play with this difficulity).
Madness scaling makes the Feascape event really lethal already (like i take ~ 800-1000 damage per turn while
the Defiler heal ~ 800-1000 per turn in late-game). And this is fine!

But the targeting code of Fearscape is nonsense.

Fearscape is a Battlecall, but without the need of LoS ...
But before the no-LoS Battlecall, you also have to fight with a strong enemy in a lethal zone.
And after this fight, you will find yourself surrounded with many rare+ dudes...

Furthermore, if an enemy has Fearscape -> it also has Wraithform too
and usually they apply Fearscape on me while they are standing in a WALL tile.

That means, my replacement to the original map is usually random...

It would be fair & better imho, if Fearscape would have a totally normal targeting, like:

{type="hit", range=self:getTalentRange(t), talent=t


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