Please change damage shield merge

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Please change damage shield merge

#1 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

When 2 different damage shields are merging, the first priority check is for their duration: ... l.lua#L778

Now, while playing as a Fallen, i have 2 different damage shields:

a, Barrier, what is a 10 turn long damage shield

b, Doom Spiral, what is a 2 turn long damage shield

I have to continously manually deactivate my Barrier-damage-shield effect, before i am using my
Doom Spiral talent to have a new damage shield.
(Both talents are giving an ~equal powerful shield, like 1800-2000)

It is very lame, that i have a 300 power damage shield for 6-7 turns and i am applying another shield with
2000 power with 2 turns duration, and the 2000 power damage shield is just simply not applied ...

... beacause i have a 300 power damage shield...

I am applying a damage shield, becasue i do not want to die ...
Not because it is long.

Imo, the durations should not be checked, the damage shield power is waaay more important.

Posts: 141
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Re: Please change damage shield merge

#2 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Some other, very annoying mechanism with the Psionic Damage Shields:

1., Psi Damage Shields do not have any merge fucntion at all.

This means, if the player have a nice psi_damage_shield (possibly fro the talent Charged Strike),
but an enemy deactivates their mental sustains (1 of the Absorption Shield) the player will
gain a new psi_damage_shield, because it automatically triggers on deactivation.
And becasue there is no merge, it will just overwrite the old one. ... n.lua#L184

So, player will lose the 3000 psi_damage_shield effect and gain a 85 psi_damage_shield effect, because of a sustain deactivation...

2., Psi_damage_shield on activation removes any damage shield effect ... .lua#L2923

I know, these shields were designed to be mutually exclusive, but this can also lead into unfortunate deaths.

Following the former example, if a player has a 800 power damage shield effect from a Shielding Rune or a
1 000 000 power power damage shield effect from the Elixir, AND an enemy deactivated their Absorption Sustain,
the player will gain a 80 power psi_damage_shield, what will remove the existing damage sield effect...

3., Damage Shield on activation removes any psi_damage shield effect ... l.lua#L831

Again, this mutually exculsive mechanism can cause other unfortunate deaths:

Player has a strong psi_damage_shield and fighting with a weaker celestial enemy.
Enemy castst Bathe in Light, so player will gain a 60 power damage shield effect ...
That means, player automatically loses their 3000 power psi_damage_shield effect.

Solutions would be in my oppinion:

Delete the lines in the code on the activation, that makes these effects mutually exclusive.

Give a merge function for psi_damage_shield effect, that compares the power of the two shields.

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