Where can I Get It?

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Where can I Get It?

#1 Post by Trisk »

While T-engine 4 is all fine and dandy I can't seem to locate good old ToME3 so I can play the old modules. This makes me a terribly sad panda : (

Anyone know how I can get a hold of it? Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but the old site redirects to the new one and the old versions don't seem to be up anywhere.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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Re: Where can I Get It?

#2 Post by darkgod »

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Re: Where can I Get It?

#3 Post by tirianus »

I've not had any luck getting that link to work. I would love to play old TOME again...is there a working download available?


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Re: Where can I Get It?

#4 Post by Stormlock »

Uh, seconding this post. Can't get any links to work. Never would have gotten rid of my old files if I thought the site would ever go down.

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Re: Where can I Get It?

#5 Post by AnonymousHero »

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