Illusory Castle

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Illusory Castle

#1 Post by dhegler »

I was just about to give up earlier, then found how to get to the left part of the machine level. Now I am stuck again and have tried to go through every wall and dig through every wall that I can find, and no dice. Any spoilers out there before I beat myself senseless and give up?

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Re: Illusory Castle

#2 Post by Yottle »

There are a couple of ways to spoil yourself on the level.

1) Look at the map in the edit files.

2) Adjust the display settings so that the illusory walls look different from glass walls. I don't remember the exact number of the display setting, but it is near the end.

Personally, I just skip the level. The guaranteed artifact is pretty much useless for everyone. Usually I skip the whole dungeon, unless I am playing an alchemist. The boss's drop is a great start for an uber-artifact.

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