Where's the One Ring??

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Where's the One Ring??

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Please, can one tell me who might drop The One Ring?? I've killed Sauron and the Necromancer of Dol Guldur but didn't find and ring yet. Could you please tell me the place and the name of the Unique that might carry it?
Thank you.

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Re: Where's the One Ring??

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First up, you have to get the quest from Galadriel (I think) before it will appear.

Second, there are a few uniques that may drop it (the Watcher, Durin's Bane, Shelob, I think?), but it's not guaranteed. Sauron has the highest chance of dropping it, but even still he might not. Fortunately, he's not really dead. Go back and look for him again :-) You have to keep killing him until he drops it.

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Re: Where's the One Ring??

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