Download for ToME 2 files

Everything about ToME 2.x.x. No spoilers, please

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Download for ToME 2 files

#1 Post by Endor »


I don't know where to post this but I can't find any working download link for the ToME 2.3.5 compiled version for Windows since the website is dead :( Also, is there any good tutorial out there?


Lord Estraven
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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#2 Post by Lord Estraven »

Try TheFury's mirror. That's 2.3.4:

Or you could clone the 2.3.8 Git branch: That's better really, it has a bunch of bugs fixed.

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#3 Post by budswell »

If you just wanted windows binaries I have kept a couple which I compiled

Tome 2.3.7
This is most recent one I have, when AnonymousHero started making fixes earlier this year ...

Tome 2.3.6
This is the official 2.3.5 with a some fixes by sigsegv from a couple years back. This is the one I still play

Sorry, I haven't compiled the latest 2.3.8 version. All my Tome files are here

No real tutorials. But the in-game help is pretty cool (Press ?)
If you get "trails" behind your character turn "bizzare display" on fo the main window.
If the dots don't show up on the blank ground, then replace the font-win.prf file with the one in my folder link (above)

Edit: Sorry, I just realised the Tome 2.3.7 is not the full installtion, just the compiled .exe and the two source files I had to change to make it compile. Not sure if it'll work with a tome 2.3.5/6 lib directory and tome.ini, guess there's only one way to find out.
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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#4 Post by kossa »

Tome 2.3.6 file is broken.

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#5 Post by vstat »

Can this post be stickied at the top?

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#6 Post by budswell »

kossa wrote:Tome 2.3.6 file is broken.
Bugger, how'd that happen. Sorry about that.
I downloaded it and got the error on CRC error on src/tolua.ilf. My local copy of the zip (the one I uploaded) works just fine. When I compare the local copy with the one I downloaded they are both the exact same size (14,648,891) but they do have different MD5 checksums. Mediafire must have screwed it up.

Anyway, the rest of the archive extracts ok (tried both winrar and 7zip) and it only the single file with the error. You don't need anything in the src directory to play, so the tome.exe will still work fine.

I have re-upped the original zip and a new one with all the source code removed (much smaller). This time I have tested both zips, the checksums match and they extract without errors.

No Source code: ...
md5( ==> 3412d1be90f215c1bf631868110c6443

Reup: ...
md5( ==> 4be2f3690f54626e30cd26cea1d2a916

Edit: Looking through my old directories I also found a folder of what I think was the official tome 2.3.5. No sure if I have fixed the font file or changed the preferences in this one or not yet. I wouldn't recoment it anyway, theres an annoying bug where sometimes the princess rooms don't generate, so you have to leave and come back. The main reason I moved to 2.3.6. But here it is for posterity. ...
md5( ==> 17c0d36cf804500579e3cc94ca3b9915

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#7 Post by budswell »

If have used git correctly (hopefully, its a far cry from RCS which is what I am most familiar with), then I have now compiled a version of 2.3.8-ah for windows. ...
md5( ==> ca8c4d3eb0b6907edd91c504c94f7b20

The zip contains a full installation:
- src not included
- lib/pref/font-win.prf updated so the dots show up (There is also lib/pref/font-win-vista.prf in there if you have issues with the walls in vista. Just rename it to font-win.prf)
- bizzare display turned on for main window (modified tome.ini file)
All other options/settings are default.

I used a differnt mark (-bud) because I added a new file:
CMake seems a bit tricky, so I just used this makefile to compile in the command prompt with the free edition of MS Visual Studio 2008.

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#8 Post by N »

Found the original 2.3.5 zip file. Uploaded to

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#10 Post by Shadus »

The link for the site seems to be dead again.

There any way the site could post up the old v2/v3 executables or something? T2 was my favorite band ever. :(

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#11 Post by jasuvant »

Just to clarify, this is ToME as in Troubles of Middle Earth?

It must be since I could log to my old forum account. Last visit seems to be in 2007. But to the point, are you guys still looking for old ToME? I noticed an old file named tome-234-win on my USB stick (which is the reason I ended up here) and I might have 2.3.5 and 3.0.0 somewhere.

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#12 Post by Yottle »

Yes, this is the right forum.

Tome 2.x development and support is pretty much dead. There are still playable versions of 2.3.x floating around the net.

T3 is completely abandoned; all the development action is on T4. I haven't seen any action on the T3 forum in a year.

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#13 Post by wobbly »

I found it here:
following a link from the angband forums.

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#14 Post by kyuubee »

since te4 hosts this forum it could host the files too, the traffic would be very low anyway -_-

at least stick a thread with the link from the previous post

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Re: Download for ToME 2.3.5

#15 Post by darwin »

It's unfortunate seems to no longer host the files, though you can find old versions two posts above at the link and on ... ernAngband or other Scandinavian university networks. As for 2.3.5, it is also on, which has newer versions by AnonymousHero, but note, anything after 2.3.5 is not official, rather than in this case being known as tome-ah (as DarkGod ended his work on the project, and tome-ah is one of a few forks/variants.)

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