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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:19 pm 

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Krog Temporal Warden starts in Point Zero with the Keepers of Reality faction...but Zemekkys, and all the keepers and guardians, have hates_antimagic, so they are hostile to you anyway. So refusing the starter quest means you just die, since you start right next to Zemekkys.

Doing the starter quest on Insane without any active talents except Attack, Shoot, and Wrath of the Wilds is not very reliable. Even if you managed to do it, you'd still have to get out of Point Zero after coming back, although it's probably a lot easier with the extra 5000 health. Still, I didn't bother and just chose to play on Adventure and die and let the Eidolon put me on the world map. The other two deaths were me embarrassingly forgetting to turn off bump attacking in the Maze.

Additionally, since you start with Teleport: Point Zero and cannot get rid of it, you cannot enter Zigur. This means no Tempest Peak, which means no Fungus.

Antimagic stops you from using TW's active talents or sustains, obviously, but let's look at what you can still do with TW talents:

- Warp Blade lets you switch weapon sets instantly with Attack.
- Arrow Stitching lets you switch weapon sets instantly with Shoot and prevents arrow friendly fire.
- Thread Walk gives you out of phase bonuses.
- Of course, Blade Ward, Strength of Purpose, Guardian Unity, Vigilance, Celerity, Blended Threads, Warden's Call, Foresight, Dimensional Shift, Spin Fate, and Fateweaver all work as normal. Some of these are not very useful with antimagic though.
- The rest of the spell talents still function as stun/brainlock/etc padding.

For prodigies, Cauterize, Revisionist History, and Temporal Form are notably off-limits. Arcane Might also has a serious complication, which is that the way it's implemented causes antimagic items to obliterate your physical power, so if you take it you are effectively making both arcane powered and antimagic powered items unusable.
The bigger late-game takeaway than the prodigy restrictions, though, is that antimagic takes away all of TW's methods of doing really broken damage. You can't use Seal Fate to get crazy damage from a steamsaw or Razorblade or Ureslak's Flaming/Venomous Femur or whatever. You can't use Temporal Reprieve+See the Threads to easily get Corpathus to +200% critical multiplier. I ended up just using Corpathus at 44% crit mult, and a mediocre projection randart.

Because you have spell talents, merchant randarts will be neither arcane-powered nor antimagic-powered. This is a good thing anyway for arrows, or if you took Arcane Might, but otherwise it can suck.

The scary parts of this combo are the starting zone and the period where you've cleared all the tier 1 zones but haven't scrounged up enough experience for level 22 yet. Once you have Warden's Call it is pretty easy. You might guess that the game is won at level 30 but really levels 22-29 are so easy that you might as well call it at 22.

The final fight was trivial, despite Bugfix Pack removing the antimagic quick kill, and me not getting Mnemonic or Guardian's Totem. I didn't even bother with silence, just buried Elandar in gloom effects.

Honestly, the most frustrating part was just the usual drawback of antimagic on any class: you can't use any good items because all the good items are arcane powered. I beelined to East and back just so I could get arrows that didn't suck from Ungrol. Also, you can see I forgot to turn Ashes off, so black plate was taunting me too.

I think this shows that player characters are much too strong on Insane. I suspect, however, that krog TW can't reasonably win Madness, due to the low damage if nothing else.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:31 pm 
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minmay op, pls nerf

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:17 pm 

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Agree with assessment, some classes are too strong. I did a Krog Demo a couple months back to see if demo could be made "not too strong".

You end up as a Bulwark with less damage but lifesteal. And lifesteal is disgustingly good so...
And less damage (lower multipliers and more important no GWF) still let me do 22k damage to Elandar with one Assault. Yeah, that's enough to full heal several times.

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Includes general guides (inscriptions, zone, prodigies), and class guides (Demo, Anorithil, Bulwark, Zerker, Sblade)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:28 pm 

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One of the best players can win Insane on a bad combo. Sounds like a real urgent issue that needs addressing for sure.

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