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PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:35 pm 

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"I finally caught you-- And when you were slipping; when you needed me most." ~ The Summoner

Now that I've created my own little corner of unofficial lore in the Tales of Maj'Eyal world... I would like to mention... There's more where that came from!
The only thing holding me back at this point is careful thought over what mechanics and behaviors would represent each summon best. Each creation would represent that specific summon in full throttle and what it means to a summoner.
Hydras are powerful multi-target duelists-- Fire Drakes are mentors that come in numbers-- Flamespitter Ritches are single-minded assassins. Even the Rimebark gains short recognition: A crowd-control specialist.

I have already thought out what I'm going to do with the War Hound, Minotaur, Golem, and Slime. As for the Turtle and the Spider... Well, I'll say it right now: They're going to have a VERY special place on the sidelines-- Maybe not necessarily yet as a playable character (much like the Rimebark).

Oh yes, and DarkGod, if you are reading this or have tuned in to my "hype thread"...
... Well, you created the official lore afterall, and this add-on behaves somewhat like a fan fiction. I intend to follow your lore as closely as possible, even though mine isn't canon. If someone isn't behaving as you'd expect them to, or something doesn't make sense, I am more than ready to rewrite and correct plot/chat.

Alright, so with all of that said... That's that everyone! I'm proud to say we've finally reached Release Day-- And I feel (somewhat) satisfied with the state I'll be releasing the add-on in.
So now, consider this topic... Old news. It's here and it's now! The add-on is released!! ... But in a new topic:

Go download it there. I won't repeat myself, so please read all the details in THAT post.

Thanks for tuning in to this "add-on hype" thread, and I hope you enjoyed my hijinks! :cry:

Creator of the (rather large) "Odyssey of The Summoner" add-on pack

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