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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 9:09 pm 
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A new alpha is available at with quite a few changes.
Most notably the improved inventory system in ToME and ODE that lets presents the player with a choice of actions to do with selected items, and the luaified and subsystemified version of the inventory handling commands(wield/takeoff/drop/destroy).

T.o.M.E 3.0.0alpha11 aka "Lord of the Thunder" changes

Interface changes:
- SUPPORT_LIGHT flag changed to be color customizable.
use SUPPORT_LIGHT=getter.lit(bright_color, dark_color)
This only takes effect if view_lited_grid option is set
(see tome/scripts/options.lua)
- Subsystemified(and luaified) all inventory commands(wield takeoff drop
destroy show inven/equip)
Use: load_subsystem("inventory")
- New easy mode inventory "system" in ToME
- Deathface now shows which score is yours when you die

Object changes:
- One can use getter.ego_allow{ sval, sval, sval, ... } to allow
an infinite list of specific sval/tvals for ego items
- Object activations have been subsystemified.
Use it with load_subsystem("activations")
The way iot use it(the ACTIVATE flag) has not changed

Player changes:
- Mindcraft has been renewed
- Gods moved into a subsystem. The syntax of a few things changed.
Most notably player.grace() instead of player.grace and
god[idx] instead of god(idx)
- Removed RES_FEAR and RES_BLIND flags from the engine. If your module
needs them, jsut declare them.
- Removed RES_FEAR, RES_CONF and RES_BLIND from ToME, use valued resists
for dam.FEAR, dam.CONFUSION and dam.BLIND now.

Misc changes:
- All engine subsystems that bind a key can now take a parameter "no_key_bind"
which when set to true will prevent the binding so that modules can
bind in whatever way they desire.
- Fixed the foreachi lua core patch, which should have worked years ago..
Anyway on can now use the syntax:
for v in table do ... end
as a syntaxic sugar for:
for i = 1, getn(table) do local v = table[i] ... end
Note that you dont get the value of i inside the loop, so if you need it
use the old style.
- Birth Auto Wield subsystem depends on inventory subsystem or equivalent
inventory.wield(item, silent) function

Bug fixes:
- Redraw monster health display during targetting -- Neil

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