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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 6:43 pm 
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The next version of the T-Engine is now at

Interface changes:
- Engine allows for more colors than 16, but some terminals wont handle it, so they will
"warp" to the default 16. Be warned.

Gameplay changes:
- Began implementing riding

Object changes:
- Objects can gain exp, on an item level basis. The One Ring now uses item leveling.
It starts out weak and grows in power the more it is used

Player changes:
- Player starts with counters at max
- Fixed player melee
- Turned water bite into nature wrath, yavanna will prefer it
- Added temporary resists. Items & temporary resists are percent based.
But they do not simply add up. For each type of damage the higest resist
from the equipment is used and then merged with the temporary bonus(if any)
with the formula "100 - (((100 - resist1) * (100 - resist2)) / 100)".
(This is the modules own business, one can make a module where it adds up
just fine)
- Added the main quests(dol guldur, the one ring, sauron)
- Thieves quest in Bree. The reward is a house. The house is now a permanent
level(obviously without floro stacking), is this good ? bad ? fun ?

Misc changes:
- Misc bugs fixed ;>
- Subsystems may now have parameters
- Weapon combat(the default one) is now a subsystem
- Archery is now a subsystem
- No town(as in ODE)/No wilderness map(as in Scroll) are now subsystems
- The engine now supports levels up to 253x253(was 198x66). This should not make
anything crash :) Dungeons now must define their size(including the wilderness)
if not specified it defaults to 3x3 (measure is in "screens" of 66x22) which is the
default old size. This means we can have huge wilderness maps, huge dungeons, huge
- Changed the lua syntax to make the ',' optional in lists declaration, so that now
{ 1 2 3 4 } is valid and equivalent of { 1, 2, 3, 4 }

Dungeon changes:
- Feature damage effects are once per player turn now
- Fly is now a valued attribute. Levitation is no more, fly=1 is equivalent.
Each "flyable" terrain now requires a certain amount of flight(the higher you can fly).
I.e: trees need a fly=3 while runble need a fly=1 and mountains a fly=15

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