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PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 11:31 pm 
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The mad god and his dark priests(well mostly the dark priests) did it again!

T.o.M.E. 2.3.3 aka "Realized Unreality" is released at

Go go download it!
The windows build will come, as soon as I can coherce somebody into doing it ;)

And for the usual changelog:
Interface changes:
- Miscellaneous documentation, spelling and grammar fixes. -- gwooledge
- Update AC display after fixing armor in the buildings. -- gwooledge
- Fix damage display for Thaumaturgy ball spells. -- gwooledge
- Honor exp_need option when displaying object experience. -- gwooledge
- Restored and updated some missing help files. -- gwooledge
- Handling of Command key modified in Mac OS X UI. It should be accessible
in macros now if it wasn't before -- Neil

Gameplay changes:
- Lost sword quest rewards always give a minimum skill modifier of 0.3.
-- gwooledge
- (Mass) Genocide damage is applied all at once to avoid bug #228.
-- gwooledge

Monster changes:
- Kavlax should be many-headed. -- gwooledge
- Regular (non-Joke, non-Cth, non-Z) monsters should not breathe nuke,
because it has a side effect we don't want in ToME -- Neil

Object changes:
- Removed pointless slays, brands, and bonuses on Pick of Erebor -- Neil
- When examining books, demonology equipment and instruments in stores, show
both the object's powers and its spells. -- gwooledge
- Junk should stack just like skeletons. Patch by StarweaverBlue.
-- gwooledge
- Mac OS X builds now put all the game data into the bundle, storing all
user data in the user's Library (some preferences in
Library/Preferences/net.t-o-m-e.tome.plist, the rest in
Library/Application Support/ToME. -- Neil

Player changes:
- All new partial summon upkeep formula -- neil

Dungeon changes:
- Edit one vault to open up some inaccessible rooms -- Neil
- A certain early trap should be less deadly (and appear a bit later).
-- gwooledge

Bug fixes:
- Alchemy: disallow repowering double-ego items, unless the character has
the artifact creation ability. Based on patch by Andrey Egoshin.
-- gwooledge
- Lost sword quest skill reward probabilities were computed incorrectly.
Fix suggested by Dan Rosenberry. -- gwooledge
- Don't let a player trick the Valar by getting drained and re-gaining
levels -- Neil
- Don't allow Runecraft and Thaumaturgy spells to go explode inside walls
and seep through -- Neil
- When consuming magic essences, don't stop prematurely. Based on patch
by Andrey Egoshin. -- gwooledge
- Upkeep cost for partial summons was not always charged. -- gwooledge
- Some staves were being generated with the wrong tval, causing several bugs
including (but not limited to) staves being unrechargeable. -- gwooledge
- Saving throw was not calculated correctly. -- gwooledge
- Disallow negative experience alchemy abuses. Based on patch by Andrey
Egoshin. -- gwooledge
- Nonliving and undead pets won't be angered by lack of breathable air.
-- gwooledge
- Don't use the "POSIX" setuid calls on Mac OS X, as they apparently break
compilation -- neil
- Certain monster spells were hard-coded for the wrong number of equipment
slots. -- gwooledge
- Incorrect operator used in cave generation code. Effect unknown, but it
*might* possibly fix some of the Orc cave crashes.-- gwooledge
- Don't allow uniques or quest monsters to just disappear to the move of
another monster -- Neil
- Attempt to work around some crashes in the fractal cave generator -- Neil

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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